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At Ayima, our main drivers are collaboration, innovation and passion. That's what helps us stand out from the crowd and makes us a digital marketing agency like no other. We're a fiercely independent agency, and don't conform to the industry blueprint. We take pride in what we do. Our tools and technology, teamed with our creativity make us who we are. We believe success comes from working collaboratively across departments, and building strong relationships with our clients to deliver exceptional results. Put simply, we care about doing our best and making the people we work with happy.





A Powerful Use Case for GA Calculated Metrics

An underused and yet very powerful feature of Google Analytics is Calculated Metrics. A recommended use case is to create a calculated metric for each stage of your custom journey. This allows you to build a horizontal funnel which can be broken down by key dimensions to identify valuable insights into the behaviour of your website visitors and the barriers preventing them becoming customers.


Google Analytics: 25 Tips, Tricks and Hacks

If you’re short on time and are looking for a quick insight into using Google Analytics effectively, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a range of hacks – some more advanced and some a little more basic. From useful advice to get you started, to campaign tracking, configuration and reports. Download it now.


5 Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Want to lead your customers through the sales funnel? Unique and well-written product descriptions are a vital tool for achieving this. By adding creativity and excitement to your descriptions, your products can become more attractive and are more likely to convert to an actual sale. Here are our top tips when writing product descriptions.


Understanding Your Website Visitors: Prospects vs Customers

Ever wanted to look beyond your conversion rate average to reveal the real figures? A website conversion rate might be 3.5% but only 0.4% for prospects, giving a very different picture on performance and your internal priorities. Discover how we developed an approach to identify visitor segments and understand the behaviour of each. Download now to learn how this works.


Fake News and Advertising: How to Spot The Fake and Find The Facts

Fake news continues to hit the headlines in a shifting landscape where brands and publishers are being caught in the crossfire. We discover the damaging effects of fake news on useful online advertising and how to sort the fact from the fiction.