Prime - Visual Brand Identity & Packaging Redesign

Repositioning Prime Bar with a new visual brand identity and packaging design.

Fred and Luke are old friends who have pushed each other around the world in the exhilarating search for adventure. For both of them, it is the world of ultra-marathons that has proved to be their ultimate passion.

Like so many athletes, Fred and Luke found many sports nutrition products a source of constant frustration. So often processed and high in sugar they became concerned about the possibilities of long term damage the snacks could have. They wanted functional food made of real ingredients.

So in 2018, they launched Prime Bar, a unique savoury, low sugar bar using real whole food ingredients including nutrient dense animal protein along with fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices.

Our Approach

Taking the new positioning as our starting point - that Prime Bar is not just for ultra-marathon runners, but anyone looking for an on-the-go snack, post workout boost or afternoon pick-me up - we looked to refresh all elements of the brand identity; from logo to image style, colour and type. Once we achieved this, we carried through our creative into the packaging with a full redesign and the creation of a suite of supporting assets to amplify brand experience.

The old packaging design

How we got there

With only 4 weeks between briefing and the client's deadline, we split our process into 3 phases: Collect, Clarify & Create.

The Collect phase involved an extensive review of the meat snack market, competitors audits and crucially an evaluation of Prime Bar - where it currently stood in this landscape and where we wanted it to go.

We then looked to assess our findings in the Clarify stage. This consisted of a series of workshops and the delivery of initial design iterations (which all received effectiveness scores from our design performance platform), to define a strategic + creative positioning that we were confident would deliver on the client's ambitions.

Once we were confident we had achieved this, we entered our final Create phase: developing a new VBI and suite of assets to get Prime Bar ready for relaunch into retail. This included a full packaging redesign, point of sale material and a customer sell in document.


Prime - Brand Identity & Packaging Redesign

After a successful launch of Prime Bar in 2018, founders Fred & Luke realised that their positioning was too narrow. They asked Barrows to redefine their brand identity, refine their branding and assist with a relaunch into retail to a broader audience.

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