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How we created an immersive experience that measured people's involuntary reactions to different parts of South Africa in order to create a very personalised itinerary.


South Africa has buckets of appeal, but it’s also often seen as a ‘bucket list’ destination. People are put off by the complicated planning and there’s a perception that prices are sky high.

With more and more travellers seeking unique and ‘off the beaten track’ travel experiences, we were tasked with showing off South Africa’s less clichéd attractions, engaging customers and trade and driving bookings. 


South Africa is a vast country with loads to offer. With an audience wary of booking a big complicated trip, we wanted to give people a taste of what’s available, then give them the helping hand they need to make their dream trip a reality.

We were talking to people looking for an off-the beaten track holiday who are keen to discover new experiences, but who also like the benefits of a neatly-packaged trip. With such a range of things to do, we wanted to appeal to a wide audience, from silver surfers with big budgets, to travel-mad millennials looking for an alternative adventure.

Our campaign showcased the best of South Africa – that you’d never heard of. Arming our audience with awe-inspiring travel inspiration, we also made the booking phase hassle-free with a detailed itinerary that took away the need for lengthy research and planning. 

We wanted to get people as close to South Africa’s attractions as we could without actually taking them there. Through an immersive walkthrough experience, we brought to life some of the country’s hidden gems, with a journey that culminated in each person recieving a bespoke itinerary based on their individual resonse to what they’d seen.

Supported by digital and PR, our activation toured the UK, giving a wide audience the chance to discover South Africa for themselves.


A nationwide tour, visiting 5 major cities across the UK. We engaged with over 3300 consumers, all who had left the experience with their tailored South Africa itinerary. 

Over 77% of attendees communicated that they were now interested in booking a trip to south africa and we delivered over 2000 data entries for follow up communication, along with their South African preferences and holiday profiles.


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