Delivering London Fashion Week

For over 20 years, Blonstein has helped stage one of the world’s leading (and most complex) fashion events, launching the careers of some of today’s biggest designer brands.

Recently appointed by TikTok to deliver their NewGen partnership at London Fashion Week in September 2021, Blonstein’s status has been cemented as the go-to and most-respected creative producer in the British fashion space (and the only agency with such extensive fashion experience on the Creative Brief platform)!


London has built a reputation as the epicentre of global fashion creativity over the last two decades. Central to this has been The British Fashion Council’s bi-annual London Fashion Week (LFW).

Blonstein has been a leading force every season, producing some of the biggest and most high profile shows on (and off) the schedule. Even HM The Queen attended a Blonstein-produced show.

Since 2015, we have also produced the pinnacle event of the season alongside the traditional schedule. LFW Hub is a powerhouse showcase of new, emerging and established brands, which we have devised, produced and promoted for 6 years running.

We have helped build the fledgling careers of many of the world’s best fashion designers, from Hussein Chalayan to Molly Goddard, Gareth Pugh to Roksanda, Craig Green to Charles Jeffery. We have mentored and nurtured these designers as an extension of the Blonstein family. over many seasons – most of whom we have gone on to work with across multiple events outside of LFW.

Challenges & Insight  

The LFW Hub is a matrix of complex events featuring many different brands, each with their own creative identity, context, build and deliverables, incorporating shows, alongside presentations, installations and showrooms. Brands that we have integrated in the LFW world simultaneously as part of LFW Hub include MAC, Swatch, Canon, Instagram, Lavatza, American Express, Samsung, Maybeline, Vodaphone and MTV to name a few.

The success of our work on the LFW Hub over recent years is evidenced by Blonstein being appointed to lead the TikTok partnership this autumn.

The starting point is almost always an empty shell; derelict spaces that require building from scratch.

These venues need to accommodate more than 50 multi-brand events, all choreographed and produced sustainably by Blonstein over the course of 3-4 days. From sponsor entertainment to static presentations, from a young designer’s first NewGen runway show to a full-scale production for an established fashion multi-national.

A team needs to be brought on board, adept at next-level multi-tasking and managing the expectations and demands of many different agendas. We have, for many years, proudly and resolutely nurtured new and diverse talent across genders, communities and the ethnic rainbow. LFW Hub has also become a vital platform of expression for marginalised members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly the interface between fashion and gender non-conformity.

Approach & Results

The process needs to be seamless, the team and client confident, the execution perfectly polished. This is where Blonstein excels.

With a track record of professional, safe delivery in highly controlled environments while delivering creative concepts that would usually be deemed impossible, we have been tasked with the London Fashion Week hub for 6 years running.

Often delivering multiple projects in different locations simultaneously, we are skilled at managing complex stakeholder relationships, intricate problem solving and all the logistical moving parts that go into bringing ideas to reality on this global stage.

The result? Each designer delivering a unique standalone event, presentation or show, with global press and social coverage, attention from buyers and ultimately worldwide orders to deliver and sustain future growth. LFW brings in £150 million in equivalent media and social media impressions.


Delivering London Fashion Week

For over 20 years, Blonstein has helped stage one of the world’s leading (and most complex) fashion events, launching the careers of some of today’s biggest designer brands.

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