Pearn Kandola - Racism at Work


Racism in the workplace is a prominent issue that continues to gain momentum, both in wider society as well as in media. It is also the subject of Pearn Kandola co-founder and senior partner Binna Kandola’s ninth book, entitled, Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference. Following the book launch in 2018, the new brief was to use the insight, research and evidence within the book, and amplify its contents with the business community whose job it is to increase their understanding and act on the bias (conscious or unconscious) that still exists in workplaces.


As our audience, HR professionals and Diversity & Inclusion leaders, were active on LinkedIn, we concluded this was the obvious channel, given its ability to target job role, stimulate dialogue and grow traffic back to Pearn Kandola’s website. We used both the Pearn Kandola business profile, as well as Binna’s own, to communicate messages to simply raise conscious awareness, provoke a response or encourage the reader to find out more. To do this, we dissected the content of the book into digestible assets to create a series of lightbulb moments within the business community.  


We devised a 6-month content-led digital campaign primarily utilising LinkedIn, but also incorporating both the Pearn Kandola website and traditional PR as well. We created a varied content plan, with different goals for each post - either reach, engagement or link clicks back to the website. The content also included visuals, SlideShare and in depth thought leadership articles, which lived on Pearn Kandola’s new content hub, as introduced by Bottle. This content series culminated in a ‘hero’ moment – a 6-episode podcast series entitled Racism at Work, which covered discussions with influencers, such as John Barnes, former England striker. 

The campaign goals were:

  • Increase reach and engagement on LinkedIn to create awareness and behaviour change
  • Drive traffic to the PK website (through a dedicated campaign landing page)  
  • Increase the profile of Binna Kandola as a leader in diversity 


Campaign activity resulted in:


  • 25% increase in traffic to the Pearn Kandola website, with 83% of the Racism at Work traffic coming from new visitors and 43% of traffic directed from social


  • Average engagement rate of 3.7% (LinkedIn engagement benchmark 0.05% for brand pages)
  • 43% increased followers
  • Binna now in LinkedIn's top 5% of management consultants on the platform


  • over 2,000 downloads (doesn’t include downloads from other platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn)
  • Across 38 countries

“After working alongside Bottle for a number of years, including the initial book launch for Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference, we knew they were the right partner to amplify the topic with and take it to the next level. With clear objectives centred on building the conversation around the tender subject of racism at work, we immediately knew that LinkedIn was the platform that would give us the best opportunity to reach our audience with content that resonated, and the results have cemented that. The personal stories people were trusting us with was overwhelming: it really brought out the human side of the platform and gave those sharing a safe space to join the discussion. This has been a rewarding, stimulating and productive campaign which has resulted in tangible outcomes and, as an added bonus, several awards. What more could you ask for?” - Professor Binna Kandola OBE, Senior Partner at Pearn Kandola


Pearn Kandola - Racism at Work

Racism in the workplace is a prominent issue that continues to gain momentum, both in wider society as well as in media. It is also the subject of Pearn Kandola co-founder and senior partner Binna Kandola’s ninth book, entitled, Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference.

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