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We know that brands grow when their stories flow and that online is where you’ll reach, engage, connect your audiences and where you will measure the growth of your brand.

Your brand content is not ornamental, it has a job to do - to be worth linking-to, to reward audiences with extra value. It’s joined-up with the stories we tell. It’s what Google loves - but only because Google is trying to give audiences what they wantBest

And with our team of creatives, strategists, editors and publishers, we continue to pursue real-time opportunities and build planned campaigns with original eye-catching content.






Light at the End of the Funnel

The funnel. Possibly the most enduring marketing strategy model, and maybe the most used and abused. Now we’re in a digital world, measurement and ROI becomes an increasingly messy picture – even with an attributional view, multiple sessions, devices and website visits from both on and offline channels. It’s very hard to draw conclusions about exactly what worked and what didn’t. We regularly talk to clients about the “funnel”… and here we wrestle with some much asked questions:


The podcasts you should be listening to in 2019

The Good, the Mad and the Snugly The 2019 list of the captivating, crazy and comforting. It’s 2019 and tradition dictates that we’re all making sudden changes to our lives. If, like me, an abstinence from delicious food and alcohol seems like the worst possible start to a year then changing what you listen to on your commute is an easy win.


What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is frequently taken to mean an evolution of PR that is optimised for SEO. Google and other search engines are evolving: from more ‘game-able’ measures of relevance like keywords and links, to more authentic and human signifiers like relevance, semantics and search query satisfaction; and because of this – Digital PR for SEO can often end up looking exactly like PR. Why? Because PR was solving for the audience all along.


7 ways to optimise your content strategy for SEO

For some brands, SEO can be one of the most enduring and cost-effective endeavours when building up your business. Your website is the digital shop window of your business, so building it up in the right way means customers will find you more quickly. SEO can get extremely technical, but brilliant basics can still get you a long way. A good content strategy, optimised for SEO can be very hard-working, giving you lots of opportunities to get in front of people.



It's no secret that with over 1 billion monthly active users Instagram is still on the rise, but your feed may be living in the past. Here are a few small tips that can make a big difference for your brand's Instagram feed.


Place Branding

Leith. It used to be a byword for the badlands of Edinburgh. The same Leith that Irvine Welsh showed us in Trainspotting , in all its smacked-up dirty-needles shittiness. Now, stood outside the elegantly wood-panelled bar that served me pre-match Black Velvets and oysters, I'm wondering how did it shift perceptions? And how can other places – cities, towns, counties, countries – get themselves a bit of that? It starts with thinking of the place as a brand.


Can Social Media and Authenticity Coexist?

You don’t have to look very far to find that one of the top trends for Social Media in 2019 involves one word: authenticity. But can social media and authenticity truly coexist?


Shining a light on dark traffic

The way that we share content online has changed dramatically over the past few years. Messaging apps have overtaken social networking apps (by monthly active users), and this is facilitating much more 1:1 and 1:few sharing - but Google Analytics can’t identify what people are sharing and accessing through Dark Social.


Why you can't trust social media

Social listening can be considered a window into our thoughts and used as a basis for research into trends, reaction and commentary. Entire campaigns, creative platforms and even brands are built on a lot less. But there's a fundamental flaw with social listening...


Google Analytics: getting your house in order

Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool that gives you so much data and information to interpret how people are finding your website, and how they’re using it. This post gives you three tips on you can make the most of it (for free).


Why PR's happy about attribution

We’ve long known that our online buying behaviour is far more complicated than 'see it, buy it', much to the dismay of those of us who are trying to measure, plan and make sense of it all. Google’s latest Attribution tool is the latest step in moving brands away from an overly simplistic last click attribution model.


Not all coverage is created equal

There will always be a place for national and regional coverage on traditional news sites, but as digital attention becomes more fragmented across many platforms, channels and devices, it’s not the only route to getting in front of the right people.


Brand value beyond sales conversation

How branding makes money and why conversation are only part of the story.