Certitude rebrand


Certitude are a London-based charity who support people with mental health problems, autism, learning disabilities. Certitude asked bbd to create a brand identity and marketing strategy that could raise awareness of their work and support fundraising.


To agree with Certitude and their SLT & trustees on a single value proposition which accurately and concisely communicates what Certitude does across its range of services.

 To create a truthful identity and positioning that works internally and externally.To stand for something.

Develop a meaningful and relevant market-ready identity and brand narrative. Create a logo and a line that is the expression of this positioning.


Through our initial workshop with Certitude and the site visits we were able to gain an insight in to what makes Certitude unique as an organisation. How they behave and approach care in the capital on a day to day basis. These insights formed the 4 pillars that the new brand is based on and their ubiquitous belief that the person comes first helped form the positioning that led to the strap line: For the life you want


We created a single-value proposition supporting a meaningful, market-ready brand narrative that would raise awareness of the work Certitude does in London. This included an extensive review of brand voice, messaging, and visual identity, right down to a new logo. bbd created a powerful messaging and branding framework, brand manifesto, and visual identity (including a new logo).


The new brand and positioning have been approved by the SLT & Trustees and is now being rolled out across the organisation.


Certitude rebrand

Certitude needed a single minded proposition and new brand look and feel that spoke to the many. Not easy with such a diverse set of clients and some sensitive issues to tackle.

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