Coca-Cola: 'WOAH' (Where Only Awesome Happens)

Coca-Cola had always been at the heart of pop culture, from iconic advertising and jingles to envy-inducing appearances on the lips of Marilyn and Elvis. But for a new generation of digital natives, Coca-Cola was just a drink. To reconnect with today’s brand-savvy teens, Coca-Cola needed a new way to bring cool culture back.

Our challenge was to get inside the teen world to create the visual communications system for a brand new multimedia platform that would transform Coca-Cola’s teen relevance.

We began with naming. ‘WOAH’ (Where Only Awesome Happens) captured the excitement of the platform’s content and challenged convention by removing Coca-Cola ‘badging’ – a potential turn-off for a cynical teen audience.

We extended this thinking into the visual identity too, carefully increasing Coca-Cola’s presence closer to purchase and using a variety of typography styles to avoid a stiff, corporate feel.

The dynamic visual identity templates were born from the angles of the WOAH brand marque and adaptable across the system, with bright colours and a visual freedom that keep the communications fresh. 

And we made sure the system worked from the digital through to the physical world, including Social/ Digital, OOH and Instore through to credible merchandise collaboration ideas and activation materials for popular teen events.

The result is a visual communications system with distinctive personality, reliable consistency and enough flex to keep up with the fast-moving, chameleon-like world of today’s teens.


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