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How we're demonstrating that small business success starts when you embrace the truth—no one can do it all.

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Millennials and Gen Z are far more entrepreneurial than their elders, and they know their business—they just don’t know how to run one. QuickBooks can help, but first they need to reach younger small business owners on social. So, we’re helping QB reach those young tycoons at the moments that matter most.

Our Insight

Chefs are great at culinary art, and shop owners know their wares. But as their endeavors grow, the business itself gets harder and scarier to run. Payroll, expenses, taxes, spreadsheets—and success hangs in the balance.

The Idea

Enter, the “Bizpiphany.” It’s the realization that you need help, and QuickBooks is there with the guidance and tools you need.

A Better Business Journey

We call our target audience the “Early Starts.” And we want to get QB’s message into their journey at the right moments. Being in the right place at the right time means showing up fast in the Early Start journey, but there are three moments that matter most.

Our Key Moments: 

Power Loss: When the tables turn. One moment, the business is growing. Early Starts are feeling powerful. But suddenly they don’t have all the answers, and it’s terrifying. QB will tell them, “new business? No problem. You’re not supposed to have all the answers. We can help.”

Choosing QuickBooks: Turns out, you’re allowed to be successful without panicking over crumpled spreadsheets. QB will show business owners that when you get real help, solutions, and tools, you get clarity and calm with them.

Power Up: Not only can QB help Early Starts find their footing, they can also help Early Starts chase bigger and better success, with tailored tools and support for the long haul.

Our Content: Our content brought the Bizpiphany concept to life through seven :15 videos that featured in-situ business realizations—e.g., a garden service guru grasping, "there's an easier way to cut checks!" or a furniture retailer who muses, "My business is mid-century modern style furniture; my business finances are mid-century not-so-modern." In every case, we let our audience know that QB has everyone's backs. 

With efficient production, we captured all content and content types at once to maximize budget, reach, and platform fit. All the while, we collected user data, promoted UGC, and delivered the right messages to the right audiences a the right time across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.



How we're demonstrating that small business success starts when you embrace the truth—no one can do it all.

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