From Sydney to San Francisco, Feed partners with eBay to conceive, create and deliver transformative digital campaigns at mass-scale. We work across every digital touchpoint without a single error, from onsite to driving customers through CRM, display and social.

When it comes to display advertising, we're always innovating - creating beautifully crafted, enticing ads.

Through granular personalisation we serve the most relevant and tailored messaging across all channels, increasing frequency, revenue and retention.

From dynamic email modules to on the button social content, our expertise lies at every stage of the user journey.

Our approach to standardisation allows us to create templated, error free communications at the touch of a button.

Our proprietary technology underpins delivery and drives efficiencies, including automated development and QA system for email builds and display creative production.

With over 200 campaigns in seven languages monthly, eBay engages 170 million customers, 24/7.

All of this ensures creativity is consistent globally whilst they trade on their platform in real time – always moving at the speed of retail.

200 campaigns in 7 languages monthly


How we help eBay start a conversation with the world

Delivering digital campaigns globally, at speed and scale, connecting with customers across every digital touchpoint.

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