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Hi, we’re frog

frog is a leading global creative consultancy, part of Capgemini Invent. Partnering with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, we apply creativity, strategy, design and data to re-invent businesses, drive growth and orchestrate customer centric transformation.

We bring bold ideas to life. We imagine and build experiences, products and businesses that disrupt the status quo, win hearts and realise the future.






How to Deliver Impactful Products to Market: frog’s guide to human centred product design and delivery

It's official: We've entered the age of the digital product. And with the race to get market-changing products into the hands of consumers across the world, so too comes the race to figure out the best methodology to deliver those products. Read this report crafted by three of frog's senior product delivery experts to understand how, as customer expectations rapidly change, companies and product teams must pivot their design, engineering and tech teams toward one cohesive, product-focused goal.


Reshaping the Workplace: How to take a holistic approach to reimagining ways of working forever.

Before the pandemic, the workplace was most often a physical location. Post-pandemic, remote work and virtual collaboration have become normalised more than ever before. Hybrid workplaces, which blend digital and physical tools and spaces, are rapidly becoming the norm. How can leaders create space–virtual or otherwise–for ideas and collaboration to drive innovation? In this new report called, we ask four frog experts how to prepare for the new world of work ahead.


The New Era of Sales: 3 approaches to evolve beyond sales talk

Sales as we know it is undergoing a radical metamorphosis, with generational and pandemic-led shifts converging to propel the industry into an entirely new era. In this new report, we fuse insights and industry expertise to explore why the sales and business development teams of the future will be part science, part orchestration—and more human than ever before. “Strategy reinvention is crucial for sales teams looking to forge contact and customer intimacy across new channels.”


Hacking Innovation: How to prototype your way to disruption—3 ways to bring your game-changing idea to market

All game-changing innovations start out speculative. A key difference between a good and a great organisation is how they encourage and support disruptive ideas. To depart from tradition and to push disruption through the uncertainty you’ll need the right approach. We’re presenting you with a practical introduction to conducting experiments, how to make sense of the results and guidance on sidestepping the classic pitfalls of experimentation. ‘Faking it until you make it’ to make your mark.


Futurescape: A vision of the high-momentum shifts shaping the world around us

New forces are driving innovation and forging new perceptions of value, reshaping the future across the six key pillars. In this report, we’re scanning the Futurescape to identify the emerging movements and behaviors that are creating powerful tailwinds across all industries. While many forces are at work, the 12 macro-trends we chart were chosen for the large-scale, high-momentum impact they are poised to have on consumers, culture and spending habits—and the businesses surrounding them.


The Future of Sports

The sports world is changing to be more inclusive, more gamified and more in line with what contemporary fans want. It’s evolving every day in exciting and thought-provoking new ways. So, what’s on deck for the sports world? Discover the five key opportunity areas that are transforming the sports industry. Each of the five major trends focused on in this report are backed up by real-world, on-the-ground examples. You’ll also find provocations for innovation in this arena.


The Future of Travel

Five key trends are quickly redefining and reshaping the travel industry and will last well into the future. Every facet of the travel experience feels like it’s up for grabs and the pandemic’s effects on travel are still resonating across every touchpoint. Even with all the shifts the travel and hospitality sector has seen as of late, there are still yet more profound and exciting changes that will be taking the direct flight into our lives.  Uncover these trends here.