From MetaFarm to Fork : Introducing Regen Fries

Farming has a huge role to play in meeting our climate goals. And it all starts in the ground beneath our feet. 

McCain Foods – the world’s biggest potato farmer – is pioneering Regenerative Agriculture with their next generation “Farms of the Future”, and a commitment to adopt these farming principles across their whole business by 2030. So we’re proud to launch their first global campaign to educate young audiences on how we need to #saveoursoil.

Introducing the launch of McCain Regen Fries – a world first. The first commercial french fries made exclusively with potatoes grown using regen farming methods. They don’t just taste great, they do great too. You can learn all about them at 

First, to educate audiences on what regen farming is, we’ve taken this IRL Farm – located in New Brunswick, Canada – and recreated it as a playful digital twin in Roblox. This has been integrated into the already huge roleplay game Livetopia, as a whole new world. Audiences can play and learn all about progressive farming methods, and how it can help tackle climate change. In the first 48 hours since launch, over 2.8 million people have visited the farm, with an average time spent of over 15 minutes. This already makes it one of the most successful brand integrations on Roblox ever.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve partnered with Bored and Hungry – the iconic L.A. based Web3 food brand – to exclusively supply them with Regen Fries, and take the virtual experience back into the physical world. A series of food pop-ups across LA, London and Toronto are making our fries famous, whilst spreading the word.

This includes tapping the worlds of “Farmtok” – the Tiktok trend around farming that has 7 Billion views! – and gaming to drive even greater cultural impact. A selection of influencers have come on board to promote and educate what’s special about Regen Fries to their GenZ communities.

Fries for the future. From the farm of the future.


From MetaFarm to Fork : Introducing Regen Fries

Making Regenerative Farming part of popular culture.

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