All Access with Jack


Last summer, Jack Daniel’s came to us with a problem. Although it was still thought of as a cool brand amongst its target audience of millennial males, it wasn’t necessarily their first drink of choice. This, paired with the fact that during the summer months this audience is more likely to be found reaching for a gin & tonic, meant that JD wanted us to reignite Jack’s bold edge and regain cultural relevance.


With so many “WIN a holiday” promotions lining the shelves, we knew that to give Jack his edge back and stand out in store we needed to create a summer on-pack that was a little more powerful. The answer was a no brainer – what else sits at the heart of summer, can invoke nostalgia, inspire new memories, is loved by our audience and already has a genuine relationship with Jack? Music, of course.


Since Jack doesn’t exactly fit with today’s VIPs-only, guestlist-loving music scene (he’s far too sociable), we decided to create a promotion he’d approve of – one that made music accessible to everyone. “All Access with Jack” was an integrated Tesco-exclusive campaign that gave shoppers the chance to win a variety of music prizes every hour – from tickets to our one-off Jack Presents gig to a trip to Tennessee to explore the best of Nashville’s live music.

competition entries
18% redemption rate
(6x the industry average)


All Access with Jack

We created Jack Daniel's first ever major on-pack promotion. The Tesco exclusive invited shoppers to purchase any product from JD's range and be in with a chance to win from a range of exciting music related prizes. The promotion was a huge success and saw an 18% redemption rate.

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