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Farmdrop is an online grocer, sourcing directly from hundreds of independent farmers and producers to deliver the best quality groceries, with unrivalled provenance and sustainable sourcing. They want to be known as the go-to option for customers who want the best food but with the highest environmental and welfare standards. 

For obvious reasons – more ethical treatment of animals, better pay for producers and promoting a more sustainable way of living – we have been raving about Farmdrop for years, so it was an honour when we were asked to create their first ever ATL campaign.


For the past 5 years Farmrdrop’s marketing has been focussed around their mission - to fix the food chain. They experienced early growth with those engaged with their mission. However, for Farmdrop to become a household name, competing with the likes of M&S and Waitrose, they needed to reach the less-engaged majority. Reaching this audience felt like a conflict between purpose and mass marketing - it was a tricky message to get right. 

It was clear that we needed to push Farmdrop into a more interesting space. We needed to engage a new, bigger audience - those who really care about great-tasting produce. 

There comes a point in every brand's life where they need to redefine their monster and widen the net, all without losing their principles. This was the crux of the challenge. 


The food chain in the UK is broken. Tomatoes from Portugal, battery farmed eggs, vegetables thrown away because they don’t look right. However, our research showed that the majority of UK consumers are unaware or simply don’t care. Astonishingly 90% of UK adults don’t know when things are in season. This summed up the issue at hand. 

It was clear that what we needed to switch the dial and focus on what Farmdrop customers really care about - great-tasting food. Our consumer testing showed that Farmdrop customers are first and foremost foodies - they want the tastiest produce money can buy. We knew if we developed Farmdrop messaging towards the ‘foodie’ audience, our net would be spread far wider. 

Strategy & Approach

We looked to find the sweet spot between Farmdrop’s mission and what matters to their foodie consumers. 

Farmdrop does things the right way: paying farmers properly; sourcing locally; championing seasonality; insisting on sustainable farming methods; super high animal welfare. It was clear from tasting the produce that none of these things meant compromising on quality or taste. When produce has been done the right way the flavour is upgraded. 

This resulted in the brand platform, ‘Doing the right thing tastes amazing’. Beautifully simple, unequivocally true. The platform isn’t consumer facing, but acts as the key principle for how Farmdrop communicates.


To bring the idea of ‘doing the right thing tastes amazing’ to life, we wanted to communicate just how good shopping with Farmdrop feels. Not only does it taste incredible, but the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing makes you feel amazing too. Food Euphoria was born. 

We took inspiration from feel-good 90s rave music and posters, and created an uplifting, celebratory campaign that made delicious-looking food feel good, showing the sheer euphoria you enjoy when eating Farmdrop produce. It’s a food experience that quite simply cannot be rivalled by any other supermarket or food delivery service. 

This (naturally) resulted in a TVC spot featuring a farmer raving in his field, set to the banging 90’s classic “Sweet Harmony”. The OOH featured real Farmdrop employees with produce exploding out of their heads. 

The idea of Food Euphoria has been extended into all areas of the business, even to the redesign of Farmdrops delivery vans.


The campaign performed extremely well both in terms of brand building and response. 

  • Response rate of over double the industry standard
  • Prompted brand awareness doubled
  • Year on year daily new customer sign-ups doubled 
  • “Farmdrop advert soundtrack” a trending search term on Google 


  • It was worth investing in a banging track. Other tracks were on the table, at a cheaper usage cost, but they didn’t quite portray the emotion we wanted to get across in the ad. We would attribute part of the adverts success to the music - it was a shortcut to making consumers feel Food Euphoria. 
  • It was clear that the eco/ ethical message wasn’t the only thing that was going to set them apart from their competitors - and certainly wasn’t going to be the driving force behind their growth objectives. 
  • It’s super important to find the bridge between what the consumer cares about and what the brand cares about. Don’t assume the consumer cares about what matters to the brand.
  • Ask the controversial question - does it matter if consumers care about a brand’s mission?


Reframing Farmdrop's purpose for the mass market

For obvious reasons – more ethical treatment of animals, better pay for producers and promoting a more sustainable way of living – we have been raving about Farmdrop for years, so it was an honour when we were asked to create their first ever TV ad.

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