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As cautiously optimistic marketers prepare for the upcoming peak shopping season, numerous opportunities are on the horizon.

This year, shoppers kicked off early, 37% of consumers started planning their holiday shopping sooner than in previous years. A significant 74% stated that they will conduct online searches before making purchases.

Recent research by Google shows a surge in consumer curiosity, as people are increasingly asking questions, exploring new products, and seeking personalised experiences. The shopping landscape is evolving with the emergence of platforms like TikTok Shop and YouTube Shorts. Consumers are exploring various formats, with more than half of U.K. individuals under 35 using short-form videos for product inspiration. Google Trends reveals growing momentum in searches like 'which is best' and 'where to buy' in the shopping category.

Join us in a discussion with our brilliant panellists delving into how consumer shopping behaviour has evolved in 2023. We’ll be discussing the latest shopping trends, how shopping habits differ across social media platforms, how influencers have impacted our shopping habits, the impact of inflation and what brands and influencers are doing to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment.

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