Unlocking the Influence of FinTok: Navigating the Evolving Financial Landscape


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As TikTok reshapes the financial landscape, it's becoming increasingly evident that millennials and Gen Z are turning to the platform for personal finance education and engagement. With 58% of 18-24-year-olds following TikTok influencers discussing budgeting, money, or personal finance, and hashtags like #PersonalFinance amassing over 3.5 billion views and #FinTok reaching over 500 million views, there's a notable demand for easily accessible financial content.

FinTok influencers have made financial information more accessible, allowing users to engage with and learn about finance in unprecedented ways. But despite the positive aspects, there’s a need for caution when creating and consuming content from these influencers.

Our panel discussion will explore:

  •  The opportunities this presents for brands
  •  How FinTok influencers are establishing trust and credibility with their audiences
  •  How the cost of living has impacted the rise of FinTok influencers
  •  Strategies for brands to capitalise on this burgeoning trend


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Tim Paul

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