Courtyard by Marriott is a brand renowned for its customer service, but as a newbie to the UK market, we had an awareness-raising job to do.

So, we took our Concierge service out of the hotel and off on tour, and popped up at one of the highest profile venues in London - Wembley Stadium, during one of the most anticipated events: the NFL London Games. We pampered superfans with the best of Courtyard, gave them chance to win Super Bowl LIV tickets and stays at the new hotels via our AR game, and of course captured lots of content to create some serious hype! Goooooo Courtyard.

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10 million
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Courtyard Concierge

Building awareness of a new Marriott brand in the UK - Courtyard y Marriott was the challenge. Famed in the US for its service, we took the concierge out of the hotel, and took it to Wembley, to the NFL.

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