Samsung 'Domestics'

We were briefed to drive awareness of Samsung’s world class and innovative range of home appliances, without using traditional advertising methods. In order to do so we needed to generate cut through. So, we seized the opportunity to disrupt in this usually low interest category, and decided to go in a completely new direction for white goods – comedy.

We created a 6-part comedy series featuring Katherine Ryan and Joel Dommett. Each episode takes well observed, relatable domestic moments, and demonstrates how Samsung’s innovations can help resolve these tensions and frustrations, in an entertaining way.

Written with a very specific audience in mind and distributed using highly targeted media formats, to ensure that they find it, the series is highly snackable and shareable. Episodes are long form, each lasting around 4 minutes - a totally new approach for a brand, particularly in this category.

With an integrated content-led approach, we showcased the extent of the product range whilst creating an emotional connection with consumers and injecting fun into the category. 

Impressions, with 16 million completed views
Awareness of Samsung DA among premium market
Rise in unprompted awareness in the premium category
3 years of Samsung content in engagement & retention
Top 10
Episode 2 made YouTube's Top 10 Ads


Samsung 'Domestics'

Breaking out of category norms.

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