Raising the Woof on YuMove Sales:


When JAA first worked with Lintbells in 2017 they had hit a plateau. Launched in 2006 by two ex-Monsanto executives, Lintbells marketed health supplements to pets. They had grown remarkably fast in a market dominated by international corporations like Mars, Nestle and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. It was a great story of entrepreneurial flair but their growth had levelled out.

Lintbell’s main product was YuMOVE, a joint supplement for dogs. YuMOVE had built a loyal customer base through vet referrals, specialist press advertising and targeted social media. Now, widening YuMOVE’s appeal to more of the UK’s 13 million dog owners was crucial. That demanded JAA took a new approach to media strategy, but without extravagant spending. With new venture capital backing, Lintbells had to be vigilant about investing media funds productively.This is the H2 Title style

Awareness has gone through the roof since running TV. A direct impact on sales has been clear too. It’s the first time in my career I have seen such dramatic results.

Andy Smith, Lintbells Global Marketing Director, June 2020, Job Title


JAA put YuMOVE onto a new growth trajectory via a three-phase media programme which blended astute planning with sharp exploitation of tactical opportunities. JAA have decades of experience in applying smart media thinking to help start-ups grow. We drew on that heritage with Lintbells, allying inventive strategy with trading nous.

Phase 1: TV sponsorship

Experience told us TV sponsorship was a potentially powerful vehicle for YuMOVE. With the right TV property sponsorship could:-

·        generate reach to take the brand to new audiences

·        associate YuMOVE with a relevant programme with positive emotional associations

·        be tested without risking big capital investment

When ITV’s For The Love of Dogs became available for sponsorship JAA acted fast to seize the chance. Costs were negotiated equivalent to 70% below average ITV airtime rates. YuMOVE’s partnership with the much-loved Paul O’Grady show was an unmitigated success:-

·        traffic to YuMOVE’s website rose by 64%

·        we got the reach we sought: FTLOD averaged 4.3 million viewers and 22% viewing share

·        YuMOVE attained the highest weight of advertising in the brand’s historyThis is the H2 Title style

Phase 2: extending TV testing

FTLOD was an ideal vehicle for boosting short-term growth but we knew sponsorship was not a panacea. Name awareness had risen but many consumers still lacked proper understanding of YuMOVE. Plus, sponsorship was not suited to delivering a strong call-to-action.

With national TV advertising unaffordable we had to “bend the medium”. Our solution was a sub-regional test. Taking the rarely-used route of buying the Central West ITV area kept costs low but enabled us to cover 10% of the UK. A 300 TVR campaign was augmented by Broadcast Video on Demand and Sky AdSmart activity targeting dog-owning households. The results were outstanding - 15% increase in web traffic and 6% growth in total brand sales.

Phase 3: national TV rollout

September 2019 saw YuMove go onto national TV. Our second sponsorship of For the Love of Dogs followed. When the Covid-19 lockdown then saw TV costs plunge 50% year-on-year we were quick to capitalise. A second national TV burst delivered the highest YuMOVE weight yet at 400 ABC1 Adult TVR, reaching 70% of UK dog owners.


Since January 2019, YuMOVE brand awareness has increased from 19% to 32%. Over the same period, the YuMOVE Net Promoter Score has risen by 14 percentage points. With two national TV campaigns producing a step-change in brand awareness and saliency and with our FTLOD association set to continue, we are eager to embark on the next stage of YuMOVE’s growth.


YuMove - Giving Older Dogs Back Their Woof

This case study outlines how to deliver fast growth to ambitious and entrepreneurial businesses with an over-riding strategy and swift deployment of tactics in the pet sector.

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