Captain Morgan x NFL

In October, we celebrated the launch of NFL London by creating the ultimate Big Screen IRL gaming experience with Captain Morgan, the Official Spirits Sponsor of the NFL - and the results were huge. 

Digital and physical worlds collided for this unique event right on the field at NFL’s new UK home, the 63,000 seater Tottenham Hotspur stadium. After running a competition across Captain Morgan’s website and social pages, we invited the lucky winners onto the Captain Morgan sofa to practice their touchdowns on a huge 20ft screen. Not only did they get to enjoy a private 2-hour NFL gaming session with complimentary Captain Morgan drinks and plenty of snacks, but they were also joined on the couch by some of the sport’s biggest stars, including former NFL Defensive Back and media pundit Jason Bell, and ex-pro Jack Crawford.

At half time, the players downed controllers and took to the field for some real-life gameplay, where they learned some new skills and got a feel for what it was like to be tackled by the pros.

This epic big screen activation scored a huge 1,181 competition entries, 1.75m visibility across social and influencer campaigns, and 17 pieces of media coverage in titles including The Sun, London Daily News, London Live TV, The Mail+ and Campaign.

In fact, you could say it was a touchdown… 


Captain Morgan x NFL

We developed and launched our new gaming platform for Captain Morgan, "Gaming, The Captain's Way", seeking to bring gaming experiences into epic, unforgettable real-life moments for young drinkers.

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