Going Atomic with Atom bank


Atom bank sought to position itself as the go-to mortgage lender for its financially underserved customers, particularly those with ‘less than perfect credit scores’. They came to Journey Further to disrupt the bank sector, compete with well-established competitors, and increase their market share. Unable to outspend the big banks, they needed a strategy to gain awareness, establish authority and increase quality traffic leveraging non-paid strategies and tactics to lower the cost of acquisition in an extremely competitive/high CPC environment.


To improve the visibility and brand awareness of Atom bank across its key products (mortgages and business loans), Journey Further focused on three areas:

Content Optimisation

  • Journey Further identified the core keywords they wanted to target and made content changes to improve Atom bank’s relevancy for on-page copy, as well as building a top quality backlink profile to boost organic rankings.

Digital PR

  • Journey Further executed a mix of digital PR campaigns and earned positive brand coverage on target media outlets including Forbes, BuzzFeed, The Financial Times, MSN, Fintech Today, The Financial Reporter, Yahoo, and Newsweek. This enabled Journey Further to position Atom bank as an authority in its market and drive a variety of high authority backlinks to both the general mortgages page and the ‘near prime’ landing page. Gaining quality audiences at a fraction of the cost of paid media.

Technical SEO

  • Finally, Journey Further resolved content duplication onsite, fixed canonical tagging to help with indexation, and implemented FAQs to improve conversion and increase quality scores.


This strategy proved fruitful. Atom bank quickly began ranking first for their target keywords relating to mortgages (#1 for ‘near prime mortgage’ and ‘near prime mortgage lenders’). 

Additionally, Atom bank saw a 429% uplift in keyword relevancy and a 17% increase in unique referring domains.

Overall, Journey Further landed press coverage for Atom bank in over 154 news outlets, totaling a reach of 41.3 million people. These “organic” successes significantly lowered their average CAC across paid, organic and direct to allow continued increase of investment in a highly competitive digital environment.


Going Atomic (with Atom bank)

Atom bank wanted to become the leading mortgage lender for the financially underserved and disrupt the bank sector. Unable to outspend the big banks, Journey Further developed a strategy to drive both brand awareness and quality traffic.

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