Sustainable Growth (with Oddbox)


Oddbox felt they had maxed out growth from existing channels and reached saturation point in London.

The team were looking to unlock a new phase growth at a target CPA, while capitalising on the surge in demand for home delivery subscriptions during lockdown, and refreshing their brand look and feel.


A new audience strategy across social and search ensured Oddbox would consistently reach new audiences, and allowed the brand to break free of the misconception that their product resonated primarily with affluent customers of a particular age and gender demographic.

An in-depth technical audit, site speed optimisation and fresh content boosted organic visibility and performance.

To launch Oddbox’s new look and feel, we needed to know which art direction and messaging would work hardest for them at different points of the customer journey, to optimise their annual ad budget.

We designed visuals and crafted copy for each of the four unique reasons to purchase: Rescue Mission, Joy of Eating, Fight Food Waste and Celebrate the Odd. But before investing in multichannel campaigns, we tested these themes through low-cost media.

Celebrating Odd and the Joy of Eating were the most efficient across all stages of the funnel but we saw value in elements of all four. These results and other insights gave Oddbox strong direction for the continued evolution of their brand messaging.


  • 0% increase in London subscriptions
  • 32% decrease is CPA
  • 20% increase in Facebook conversion rate
  • 215% growth in non-brand organic traffic

At Journey Further we focus on business strategy. We are using the learnings from experimentation in order to identify and tackle bigger strategic questions, and top-down, whereby our experimentation efforts are driven by the strategic direction of your business. We continue to leverage this approach to ensure experimentation is driving at the heart of e-commerce innovation.


Sustainable growth (with Oddbox)

Oddbox felt they had maxed out growth from existing channels and reached saturation point in London. Journey Further used a multi-channel approach to test ideas and help the brand reach new audiences, generating exceptional results.

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