JWI x Thunes: Fintech Marketing that Reaches Every Corner of the World

The Challenge

To raise awareness of Thunes’ truly global products, services and payment methods.

The Solution 

To go beyond borders with a powerful creative campaign that celebrates Thunes’ mission: to provide financial accessibility for all.


Thunes, the leader in cross-border payments, is on a mission to connect every corner of the world and make the global economy accessible to all. 


Whilst developing the creative routes for this campaign, our team identified a major pain point which B2B fintech brands all too often struggle with in their advertising - a lack of emotion. We wanted to celebrate the transformative impact that Thunes’ products and services provide to end users globally. The resulting production placed the importance of human connection at the forefront of an industry very often only associated with technology. A split screen effect was used to further amplify the connection of people and businesses through payments. 

Strategy and Approach

The supporting digital campaign spanned 49 countries, with a targeted focus on ICPs including banks and digital merchants, and encompassed social media (paid and organic), content and PR.

About JWI

JWI is an integrated creative marketing agency with a commitment to Go Beyond. Disruptive creativity, powerful strategy and impactful experiences lie at the core of everything we do. Our creative concepts are built upon unique narratives which are crafted to captivate and inspire.

We provide a global outlook, with a targeted mindset. From our offices in London and Dubai, our teams work seamlessly and collaboratively to deploy campaigns globally. We are a collective of experts in our respective fields, united by a care for our clients that is rooted in a care for our craft. JWI’s client-centric approach has been curated with agility and adaptability in mind, allowing us to develop and deliver projects of any size and scale.


JWI x Thunes: Fintech Marketing that Reaches Every Corner of the World

To raise brand awareness, JWI created, produced and executed a large-scale video production, with a supporting digital campaign. The brand film was shot in South Africa by Scottish BAFTA-winning director Michael J Ferns.

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