One poem that captured the mood of the nation boosts brand love

How BT reflected the country’s mood as the nation took to life online driving product awareness and brand affinity


BT’s Beyond Limits positioning is a declaration to help people go above and beyond to reach their full potential. As BT’s boutique consumer agency across press office and campaigns for the last 15 years, we understand this mission. 

BT briefed us on creating a PR campaign that touched the nation. We already knew that BT’s planned ATL would be rooted in urging customers to question ‘why?’, so using that as a starting point we took it one step further, creating a campaign that showed that BT really understood what people were going through during the pandemic. 


As people turned kitchens into schoolrooms and bedrooms into boardrooms the need for a reliable broadband connection had never been greater and BT was in a unique position to provide a solution.

The problem was that most people didn’t recognise the full value superior broadband could bring to their daily life. In addition, BT’s broadband was market leading but wasn’t being seen that way by prospective customers.  We needed to reframe the conversation, so the nation understood the relevance of BT to facilitate their new way of life. 

Here we had two specific challenges:

  1. Raise awareness of BT’s superior service, challenging its core audience to think about the importance of broadband in their lives and question the decisions they’re making around their provider 
  2. Increase brand affinity amongst BT’s target audience



In a year which imposed isolation and social distancing, our nation was forced to re-evaluate how we connect with one another. With people working from home, home learning and businesses investing in DTC, suddenly everyone needed to be far more tech literate as a new way of life emerged. Furthermore, Google search showed that 2020 was the year of asking Why? as we looked for ways to connect and understand each other. 


Strategy & Approach

We commissioned Poet Laurate Simon Armitage to compose a poem that summed up the mood of the nation and was inspired by the question ‘why?’ as so many people sought a reason for the monumental life shift due to the pandemic. The poem, ‘Something Clicked’, became the heart of our consumer PR campaign and provided us with a platform to highlight the many benefits of BT’s superior service and the need for people to optimise their connections to one another online. We used National Poetry Day as one of the cultural moments of the year – to launch our campaign with maximum impact. 



To launch our campaign we created three tailored earned media approaches to national and broadcast media to promote the poem.


  1. A hard-working national news sell-in delivered over 52 pieces of coverage including The Guardian, Yahoo! and The Observer. We released the poem alongside a vibrant, colourful digital video exploring what Britain looked and felt like in 2020, featuring the poem read aloud by actor, Jacob Anderson.  
  2. A national radio day, hosted by Simon Armitage, enabled BT to cover over 1.5 hours of airtime across 11 TV and radio stations including BBC World Service, Radio 4, BBC Two and the BBC News Channel. Launching on National Poetry Day meant BT was naturally relevant to the news agenda, allowing us to use the Poet Laureate to lead the conversation nationally.
  3. Simon Armitage participated in a targeted media interview with BT’s gold-tier title, The Daily Mail, opening up the conversation further allowing us to go into detail about the campaign. 


Our PR creative inspired BT to use it to front a nationwide integrated campaign. The poem was used for TV and radio ads, social content and as an internal competition within all BT call centres to help galvanise the team and to show that the internal team was valued and supported. 

increase in brand love
increase in brand consideration
increase in brand first choice


One poem that captured the mood of the nation boosts brand love

How BT reflected the country’s mood as the nation took to life online, to drive product awareness and brand affinity

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