'State of the nation' analysis of UK sleeping habits for Bensons for Beds

The Business Challenge

With numerous challenger brands and e-tailers coming into the bed market, Bensons for Beds needed to stay ahead of the game. Kazoo was tasked with ensuring it was positioned as the UK's leading expert in 'sleepwellness' and the consumer choice for advice into getting a good nights' sleep. Bensons wanted a strong share of voice during National Sleep Month.

The Kazoo Solution

Working with leading sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski we developed a psychological and physiological report into the importance of sleep on the human body. 

The results were then divided into three tailored angles – a state of the nation sleep report for national news desks, a psychological report on the stigma around fatigue and mental health for national health / feature writers and the physiological effect of sleep on the body which was used to target consumer lifestyle and broadcast media. 

A series of sleep tips were also produced and used across Bensons website and social channels.

Sleep training for staff ensured strong employee engagement.

The Business Impact

The campaign achieved a 52% SOV over competitor brands throughout National Sleep Month

25% increase in-store footfall

We delivered an ROI of 8:1 and 0.0006p cost per thousand

"Kazoo’s Sleep Wellness campaign outperformed all previous PR campaigns with a huge 52% share of voice. It was the best performing marketing discipline throughout the business in March".

Managing Director, Bensons for Beds


The Importance of Sleep Wellness for Bensons

Driving footfall and sales through strong SOV were key aims of our work. Working with a leading sleep physiologist we developed a 'state of the nation' psychological and physiological report into the importance of sleep on the human body for the UK's leading bed retailer.

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