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In today’s fast-moving world of every-changing audience and channel landscape, opportunities can be missed if you aren’t ready to make a move.

At Kazoo we help our clients navigate through this, creating data-driven, thought- provoking opportunities to Seize Every Moment.

We take a data-led approach to inform a customer first strategy, defining the most relevant channels and we measure business impact using industry leading tools.






Unlocking the value of the Esports Movement

The esports movement can seem alien, intimidating or confusing. We are helping brands make the right choices in their own esports strategy. Our experts understand the esports scene and can ensure brands avoid alienating the audience and becoming the latest internet meme. This white paper sets out the debate and key findings of Kazoo's recent roundtable featuring leading figures in the sector.


Adopting a consumer first communications strategy

There is much more expectation that brands will deliver better customer experiences. Brands face an increasing battle for consumer attention, against a decline in effectiveness of traditional media channels. Those that aren’t successfully putting consumers at the heart of their thinking risk being left behind. Kazoo has pulled together 7 key steps for beginning the process of building a consumer-first comms strategy, ensuring higher levels of engagement and connections with your customer.


Building Your Brand’s Influencer Strategy

Kazoo invited a panel of speakers to explored one of the topics on everyone’s lips right now – influencer marketing. With representatives from agency, brand, influencer, and talent management the panel touched on topics as varied as what we really mean by the term ‘influencer’, successful co-creation, maintaining authenticity and how you can really measure ROI.