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Cisco is a leading international technology business that develops, manufactures and sells networking technology services and products that transform the way that people connect, communicate, and collaborate globally.


Help Cisco to develop and roll out their new advocacy platform The Gateway. The launch of which would be at Cisco Live in Berlin.


Advocacy marketing was a whole new initiative by Cisco. This was a standing start and we needed to help develop the platform, brand it and position it and ultimately create, launch and roll out all content as part of a multi-platform strategy. Added to this, we were charged with creating, building and managing the launch event in Berlin at the annual Cisco Live to 12,000 delegates in 2017 and then celebrating its success and growth by inviting customers and existing advocates to come together at our evolved production at Barcelona’s Cisco Live 2018, home to 30,000 delegates.


Working with Influitive we created a global online community inviting and incentivizing Cisco customers to become brand ambassadors. The digital forum including gamified content was dubbed The Gateway Hub. Customers are encouraged to share success stories in exchange for access to news and opportunities to grow industry knowledge and to network with other Cisco customers around the world. The more interactive a customer is with the hub the greater number of points they pick up warranting prizes.

We constructed the strategy, creative and execution of The Gateway Hub before planning its big launch at 2017’s Cisco Live in Berlin. Post-launch, The Gateway Hub saw rapid success, not only by the number of advocates joining but by the amount of content the platform generated. The Gateway Hub succeeded in its original goal to provide an open, connected world with authentic, human stories and we knew within 6 months that we had make 2018’s Cisco Live bigger and better to bring the digital community to real life.

Cisco Live Barcelona attracted over double the delegates and saw 30,000 attend. The Gateway Hub also doubled in size offering an introductory area with 8 sign-up screens, an auditorium hosting 28 speakers over 14 sessions, all of which reached maximum capacity, a dedicated content capture cube where we live streamed customer interviews and panel talks across social media and online and offered an area of comfort for customers to relax, work and connect in the real-world.

The Gateway was born out of EMEAR but with the success gained within a year, the world quickly soon became its oyster with opportunities presenting themselves in Orlando and beyond.

Advocacy Films

With each new customer story, Kemosabe will plan, write and produce a film along with supporting material. This involves travelling to each customer of Cisco and liaising with the local Cisco team.

With a film crew on location and a production team back home, Kemosabe takes each film from concept through to the final finished piece.

Kemosabe launched Cisco’s Gateway Platform at Cisco Live Berlin
Cisco Live attended by 12,000 delegates in 2017 and 30,000 in 2018
Kemosabe tripled the predicted Gateway sign up rate
2000 sign-ups exceeded, 6 months ahead of target
Global VP requested Kemosabe’s content for closing plenary

I am one of your advocates without a doubt! I look forward to working with you all more in the future, Kemosabe lived up to its name.

Emma Roffey, Senior Director Marketing & Comms


Cisco Customer Advocacy

Kemosabe helped to launch Cisco’s advocacy platform The Gateway. The launch of which would be at Cisco Live in Berlin. From a standing start we needed to brand and position it and ultimately create, launch and roll out all content as part of a multi-platform strategy

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