KTN is a UK-wide organisation, working predominantly through UKRI and Innovate UK to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges that are being felt regionally, nationally and also globally.

We worked through a comprehensive series of focus groups and workshops with staff from all disciplines, across the UK. These sessions were vibrant discussions that helped us identify the core principles that lay at the heart of the organisation. Our vision for KTN evolved from the idea that ‘connection is a powerful driver of positive change’ and that sharing ideas across diverse sectors will build the innovation communities of the future - with KTN firmly at the centre of that driving forward a network of innovators so powerful their ideas can change the world.

The identity is symbolic of the positive and progressive ethos of KTN. The circle speaks to inclusiveness and the cut out of the letter ‘t’ is a reinforcement of the feeling of momentum continually driving the KTN team forward.

The new brand brings our vision to life with the claim ‘Connecting for Positive Change’ - bringing together KTN’s knowledge and unique skill set to enable innovators to transform ideas into real-world solutions.

We created a brand toolbox that defined the core brand story and purpose along with the behaviours, personality and tone of voice. This provides KTN with the formula to keep building on the power of their culture and to ensure they act with one voice across every touchpoint of their brand.

In a short space of time, Mammoth have understood, interpreted & integrated into our team - really getting to grips with the challenges & opportunities of building our new brand strategy & identity. They’re a pleasure to work with: upfront, honest, committed and fun

Fran McIntyre, Director of Communications, KTN


KTN - Brand Strategy and Rebrand

Together with KTN’s Board we were asked to develop a new visual brand and strategic positioning to help clarify their organisational purpose and core values, which had become diluted over a number of years and had resulted in confusion about their role in the world.

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