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What did you do to celebrate National Anti Click-Through Rate Day?

The IAB's “Don’t Be A #Clickhead” campaign, aimed at agencies and advertisers who continually look to measure the impact of their advertising activity based on the number clicks delivered. Which, for what it’s worth, has been a long time coming. Here at MC&C we’re huge fans of this campaign. We’ve long been advocates of recommending that campaigns stop using arbitrary metrics such as CTR to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, and have been able to show real business growth as a result.


Politics and brand advertising: Is it time to review protocol?

You may have read recently about the Marsh and Parsons ad that was removed by JCDecaux from its OOH sites after advice from the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) that ads “must not unfairly portray or refer to anyone in an adverse way”. We were proud of our association with the ad, but when it was removed from some platforms it got me thinking about the way brands participate in the political scene.


What will we see the back of in 2019?

At this time of year the industry press is awash with predictions for the year ahead but here at MC&C we’ve taken a different approach and are predicting what we will see the back of in 2019. We asked three of our digital gurus – Director of Digital Ben Foster, and Digital Strategists Christian Taylor and Nicholas Graham – what they thought the industry would be (or should be) waving goodbye to over the next 12 months. So let’s see where they’re putting their money…


Could the gaming industry’s success with micro-payments be a lesson to us all?

The subscription model is proving hugely popular across the full spectrum of media platforms, be it TV and film, music streaming or press, but for every Netflix and Spotify that have hit the sweet spot, there are some sectors still struggling to get the offering right. Would a gaming-style pay-per-read micro payment model work here? From gamification to micro-payments, the impact of the success of gaming on the wider marketing industry should not be underestimated.


What made charities thrive in the past is now threatening to hold them back

For the longest time charities have felt a kind of immunity from disruption, a sanctity driven by the donor’s emotional connection to a cause they support. But it is rapidly becoming clear that even the third sector is not immune from disruption as brands start tapping into consumers’ consciences. In the past charities have relied heavily on regular gifts, however, the fundraising landscape has been disrupted beyond all recognition and charities are facing the biggest challenge in their history.


Marketers: Take back control of your data but please, do it properly

GDPR has given businesses a glimpse into the complex world of data rights and the people around the table in the boardroom have initiated a land grab without understanding the full implications. Suddenly clients are starting to use glorified CRM systems to monitor the performance of an ad campaign using tech that is simply not fit for purpose. So please, marketers, by all means take back control of your data but if you want to reap the benefits it is essential you put in the groundwork first.


Baby Boomers: The forgotten generation

Millennials, and everything they stand for, have become the holy grail for marketers. For the last decade or so they have been all over new technology, platforms, fashions and habits, and dominated more marketing plans than every other demographic combined. And yet Baby Boomers - those people born between 1946 and the mid-1960s - have both assets and income, better brand loyalty and more reliable media habits. A marketers dream.


Attribution vs. Economic Modelling: what's the difference and how can they work for you?

How much does my marketing activity contribute towards sales and revenue? How many of these sales and how much revenue can I credit to each channel? Hang on a moment, they’re the same question, aren’t they? Not quite. Confused? Well, most people are.


Customer surveys: unlocking the mind of the consumer to drive business planning

Considering the vast quantity of data continuously being collected on consumers, it is very tempting for us to think that we already have access to all the data we need to understand our customers.The reality is, this type of data might not always be enough as it only shows us part of the picture.


Marketing: it doesn't have to be the postcode lottery

Understanding your customer profiles and identifying areas of opportunity through Mosaic.


A Date with Retailers

If ever there were two words that sum up relationships in 2018 it’s ‘Date Night’. In the era of “always on” we now need to set aside a dedicated evening to invest time and energy into our long-term relationships.