Well Pharmacy, formally The Co-op Pharmacy, was underperforming in a marketplace where it lacked a differentiating proposition and battled on cost. The pharmacy market is becoming increasingly commoditised, with supermarkets, online retailers and larger, established pharmacies capitalising on longer opening hours with their own pharmacy offering. Our task was to improve Well’s prescription performance by making a virtue out of its specialist offering. We needed to put the value back into prescriptions and raise it above just a simple commodity. 


The idea we developed, ‘Experts on Prescriptions’ allowed Well to take on the competition directly to steal market share, whilst elevating Well’s own expertise and highlighting their commitment to prioritise consumers’ prescriptions and health over and above the competition.

The creative idea was flexible enough to stretch over a range of competitors, and forced consumers to question why they settle for their prescription sharing a basket with a ham sandwich.

We developed a strong, bold look and feel. The tone of voice was also pushed, we built on the professional and caring angle already established and added a more confident, cheeky and challenging perspective, something that was necessary to get stand out.


Since the campaign went live awareness of the Well Brand was up by 6% and a positive impact on prescription sales growth was seen in the targeted regions.  


Experts on Prescriptions

Integrated campaign highlighting Well Pharmacy’s expertise and commitment to consumers’ prescription

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