Full fibre for a future facing Britain. Connecting the country with Hyperoptic


Full fibre infrastructure is a foundation of any modern economy. The next generation of internet services, from Metaverse and beyond, will be dependent on high-speed connections. Without proper broadband, people will be left behind.

That’s why the Government has pledged that it wants 85% of the UK to have access to a gigabit-capable connection by 2025.

Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic is pioneering the shift to Gigabit Britain, shaking up the sector by setting an industry benchmark in how broadband should be delivered.

Media Bounty is responsible for their media strategy and media buying.

The challenge

Hyperoptic has an ambitious ‘North Star’ aim of hooking up over 2 million homes by 2023–and they want to add 136,000 this year alone.

The brand can’t compete with the Godzilla-sized budgets of BT, Sky and Virgin Media – so success relies on out-thinking, not out-spending the competition.

In an extremely cluttered market, our job is to find ways to stand out.

The insight

Research shows millions of broadband customers are unaware of mid-contract price rises of up to 10%.

But that’s not how Hyperoptic do things. They’re committed to never raising their in-contract prices for customers, which led us to launch their ‘Anti-Establishment’ campaign.

The aim was to raise awareness of competitor price rises, and reinforce the trust that you can place in Hyperoptic that it won’t happen with them.

The solution

Given Hyperoptic currently only operates in certain parts of the UK, it was important our media activity was as geo-targeted as possible to minimise wastage.

Working with the brand’s in-house creative team, we embedded our messaging in specific regional communities with a postcode-level plan made up of static and digital 6 sheets.

Due to the volume and cost of these panels it gave us the best chance of generating effective coverage in the core locations.

To build on this and ensure we were able to cut through in the market, we supplemented our 6 sheets with smaller posters, called ‘clings’.

These were strategically placed on the electrical boxes on residential streets to reach our audience contextually and reflect the ‘anti-establishment’ guerrilla nature of our messaging.

The results

The strategy worked, and the messaging stuck. In a survey carried out by media owner JCDecaux, it was found that...

  • Message outtakes and the association of Hyperoptic with “no price hikes”increased by 9% in the target locations
  • Consideration saw a 16% rise
  • Prompted advertising recall saw significant improvements of 23%

All adding up to the fact more people are more prepared for the future of the Internet.

Rise in Consideration
Improvement in prompted ad recall
Increase in message outtake


Hyperoptic - Full fibre for a future facing Britain

Out-thinking the competition with geo-targeted media planning & buying for broadband provider Hyperoptic

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