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We’re Media Bounty. And we’re working to become the UK’s most ethical independent creative agency by 2026.

Our team delivers award-winning strategy, outstanding creative and transparent media for brands and organisations that want integrated ideas to grow businesses and create a better future.

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Beyond the Climate Bubble

Meet the Persuadables: the 69% of the UK population that hold the key to unlocking growth for sustainable goods and services. Too often, brands fall into the trap of targeting the 'ethical consumer' - just 14% of the UK population. If we want to see growth, it’s time to look elsewhere. Enter the Persuadables - the 69% of consumers that believe in climate change but are yet to start shopping sustainably. To download the full report, head to:

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Change the Narrative Report - How to win against climate misinformation

As a global pandemic rages, we are also living through a ‘pandemic of misinformation’, with huge implications for the climate sector. Our team of expert researchers and strategists have developed ‘Changing the Narrative’ – a playbook with practical advice for those looking to improve the effectiveness of their online communications about climate, how to avoid funding climate misinformation, disrupt harmful conversations, and be genuinely brand-safe in such strange times.