Smart Campaign Production with Starbucks


For the global roll-out of their partnership with Starbucks and to ensure speedy & consistent deliveries across 53 markets, Nestle partnered with us for the production & adaptation of assets, based on creative concepts provided by their creative agencies.


Origination & adaptation of TVC, Online Video, HTML banners, FB/Instagram assets, Static banners and DOOH, for use in 53+ markets across the globe.

We help brands produce fit for format content with no silos and fewer steps.

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Integrated Production Process

For the launch of Starbucks at Home, we created a global campaign for the coffee titan’s new product line. Working at lightning speed, we created and delivered a total of 127 assets in only three months. Our hyper-efficient integrated production process involved multiple crews, reusing talent and locations for film shoots whenever possible. This resulted in an impressive cost reduction of up to 50%. 

We also ensured the framing allowed for the creation of assets that could be used across multiple different platforms, including tailored content for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, OOH, display advertising and POS.

127 assets
produced over 3-day shoot
cost reduction
3 months
from pitch to all materials ready

How can we provide high quality and locally relevant content to our markets that raise awareness for Starbucks at home in an integrated and decoupled model?

Locally Relevant

The campaign needs to fit European, LATAM, Anglo and Asian (Korea, Japan and China) markets.

Fit for Format

The campaign deliverables included key visuals, OLV, TVC, Display ads, e-mail, Social, Twitter and Brand books.

Cost Efficiencies

Due to the integrated approach we shoot content for platforms, formats and markets out of one single shoot. 


After approval we have 6 week of production time to deliver the assets.



Using Workspace, Nestle Marketing Teams have one consistent place their local teams can review & download brand-consistent campaign roll-outs for use in their markets.

localised assets
partner satisfaction score


Smart Campaign Production (Starbucks)

For the launch of Starbucks at Home, we created a global campaign for the coffee titan’s new product line. Central to our strategy was the integrated production process, which sought to maximise output while minimising the cost and time of the shoot.

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