Larry Ellison is the founder of Oracle and one of the wealthiest philanthropists today. We helped launch his philanthropic foundation with a new digital-first brand and website. Partnering with his foundation team to position the organisation within the philanthropic landscape and telling the story of how Larry’s success in business has influenced his unusual approach to philanthropy. 

Inspired by Larry’s unique personality and love of traditional Asian art, we worked with a fine art illustrator to create a series of hand painted Japanese cranes in various positions of flight. The cranes are the central brand element in the new visual identity and represent Larry Ellison’s ever-changing perspective on the world. Combining techniques and elements from the past with contemporary design, we worked with asymmetrical layering and large coloured surfaces to create a translucent canvas inspired by traditional silk painting, giving the site a hand-crafted feel and textural feel. 


Larry Ellison Foundation

The Larry Ellison Foundation had branched out into nutrition, health conservation and education. With a new digital-first brand and website, we not only show how the Foundation has broadened its remit, but how Larry’s personality and beliefs are behind everything it has achieved.

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