The First Taste of the Metaverse

of products sold in first 4 seconds
new customers acquired
pieces of media coverage


The first metaverse platform for luxury spirits, BlockBar tasked Mission to launch its unique collection of NFTs and encourage drinks investors to buy.

The challenge we faced was that traditional investors in luxury drinks are grey men, who don't understand the metaverse, let alone NFTs.

We needed to cleverly connect this audience to BlockBar, in a way that drove interest, relevance and trust.

Our insight? For investors, nothing tastes better than being first. As true in the 'real world' as it is online.


‘The First Taste’ – an integrated communications campaign by Mission to launch BlockBar, through a series of ‘firsts’ that would engage drinks investors by connecting this new platform to established 'real world' spirits brands they know and love.

To do this, we partnered BlockBar with another Mission client – Glenfiddich Whisky. This mutually beneficial collaboration gave start-up BlockBar a shortcut to trust and credibility with drinks investors, and Glenfiddich was seen as an exciting metaverse innovator.

Our newsworthy collaboration created three exciting 'firsts' for drinks investors:

First up, first-hand access to Glenfiddich’s celebrated Malt Master at an exclusive guided whisky tasting for BlockBar customers, influencers and media.

Next up, the exclusive first taste of a rare and never-before released 46 year-old Single Malt Whisky. A limited number of bottles and associated NFTs were made available to buy exclusively from BlockBar, creating real hype and investor interest. 

Finally, the first business and industry interviews with BlockBar's innovative founders, launching the platform as a powerful new player in the spirits sector.


A first-class campaign, delivering:

100% of products sold in first 4 seconds

24,000 new customers acquired

747 pieces of media coverage

...Results worth raising a glass to!

A clever, creative campaign by Mission that - most importantly - converted significant sales and customer sign-ups



The First Taste of the Metaverse

An impactful, insight-led campaign to launch BlockBar - the world's first NFT platform for luxury spirits. Through clever, creative thinking, we delivered 100% of products sold in 4 seconds, 24,000 new customers acquired, 747 pieces of targeted media coverage. Cheers to that!

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