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Established in 1981, Mamas & Papas is a mid-market manufacturer and retailer of baby equipment.

With a new website, and an app on the way, they were looking to develop their D2C offer and digitally connect with a new generation – affluent first-time pregnant millennials. Central to the strategy was to build a content-led programme that acquired new prospective customers and then kept them loyal once their child was born.


Underpinning an approach with customer journey planning

We started with an analytical deep dive into their customer base which helped us to understand key commercial drivers and customer behaviours. This revealed that it was critical to connect with consumers early in their pregnancy in order to be in the consideration set for the big purchases that are typically made towards the end of the second trimester.

Internal workshops and external market data then helped establish the purchasing needs and wants of pregnant millennials and how these might align with M&P Brand, Products & Services. This was then translated into a customer journey map and a 'due date' data, driven PRM/ CRM reward programme.

Activating with tailored content

Our strategy was to create a new loyalty club, M&P and Me, offering expert personalised advice, inspiring content and exclusive club offers. And to engage prospects early on, we set up a strategic alliance with Emma’s Diary to collect data of newly pregnant women.

We used Hybris tech to segment, track and personalise the programme across their whole digital estate. We developed and launched the creative solution “M&P and Me” and extended the brand's proposition for the scheme to “Celebrate pregnant YOU”

Content was developed for 40 weeks of pregnancy and 12 weeks post birth. The content was designed to meet key due date milestones with baby category/product/ service advice that reflected previous purchases coupled with a suite of spend stretch offers to ensure commercial relevancy. The week by week approach also facilitated extensive reuse of existing M&P evergreen expertise/ advice content, ensuring that at launch a mature content bank was available for the advice-hungry first timers. We developed the rules on how and when to segment members along with the automated communication workflows.  

And a KPI dashboard was produced weekly that tracked new member acquisition volumes and spend by channel and product. More detailed drill down reports required by teams within the business were also generated weekly and there was a quarterly deep dive analysis to drive further insight and facilitate future evolution of M&P and Me.


Results significantly exceeded target KPIs on all key dimensions. Sales also grew materially, with incremental revenue more than double that of the business case.

Programme membership above business case
Member spend compared to non-members
Average monthly spend increase for members


Mamas & Papas - M&P and Me

The premium baby equipment retailer wanted to connect with a new generation of pregnant women and mums. We created a personalised 'due date' driven rewards programme and content hub that was always relevant with to their needs at that time.

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