Bayer's Supradyn Memory Test


Supradyn is the leading multivitamin in countries around the world, but the category is a monotonous repeat of weary women (nearly always women), magically rejuvenated by a multi-vitamin pill or effervescent tablet. Thus rescued, she returns to enjoying her busy life of picking up the kids, or making it to her pilates class after work. 

We wanted to elevate the product, brand and women by showing that ‘all’ vitamins do is unlock the strength already inside – strength they put to much more impactful use than simply coping with life.

Turkey was a perfect market to launch this strategy, with a range of ideas about gender in the country, the topic is controversial but having sponsored the acclaimed Turkish Women’s’ Volleyball team, and witnessed how little of the recognition they deserved, they got; it was time Supradyn confronted the bias and shifted from talking energy, to inner strength against adversity.


We used a click-bait style quiz mechanic on social with promotion via influencers, to push out a ‘Memory Test’. A simple digital game, professing to test your recall for famous names, however instead we subverted the results to evidence how poorly women are represented and recognised in society, by everyone. 87% could recall fewer than 2 women in the 6 public roles we asked about. 

“It’s not your memory”, we revealed, “women simply don’t have the opportunities or the profile”. Having hooked our mixed gender audience in, and made the social issue a personal one - we offered plenty of positive means to continue exploring this problem with us, including an academic report in collaboration with Bahçeşehir University and a debate on CNN, as well of course as lively social chat.


Supradyn has always sought to change the reality of women in society, by changing how they are represented in advertising. As we embrace a new brand strategy to ‘unlock the inner strength’ of our target audience, we wanted to show how fully we understood the reality they face, and the tenacity they need. 

Despite our conscious efforts we are all subjected to a bias around gender - it is endemic in our society - as such, it is harder for women to overcome this bias, whether to achieve, impact or be recognised. To bring this home we used a click-bait style quiz mechanic on social, professing to test your memory but instead showing how every one of us is a victim of this societal bias.


The ‘quiz’ ran on 3 digital platforms and owned social in Turkey, and we partnered with Eda Erdem (Captain of the Turkish Women’s Volleyball Team) and 11 influencers to promote and drive participation.

The test was placed on the news pages on Milliyet’s website, since the audience on Milliyet lean more towards reading rather than interacting, we asked our participants to remember their answers to our questions.

On Kızlarsoruyor (“Girlsask”), a more interactive entertainment and lifestyle platform, we included text boxes into our test to provide a more interactive experience to our users.

Additionally, by collaborating with the turkishdictionary social media account, we were able to utilize Instagram’s story feature to administer our test through text boxes and poll stickers.

And we created a video format for other platforms such as YouTube.

The Memory Test itself was live for 4 weeks.


We reached 5.2m people with our message and 354,442 were directed to the test – over half completed it. This was six times what our media budget of EUR 52k had allowed us to hope for.

More than this we saw a 64% increase in Gender Equality mentions on social media, during our campaign compared to the previous period. (Social Listening Report, Mediacom) and created a base through which our ongoing academic study, public debate and brand campaigns can build from.

Change has to start somewhere.

Cannes Lions 2022


Bayer's Supradyn Memory Test

Supradyn is the leading multivitamin in countries around the world, but the category is a monotonous repeat of weary women, magically rejuvenated by a multi-vitamin pill or effervescent tablet. We wanted to elevate the brand and highlight women's internal strength.

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