Gordon’s is a brand that encourages consumers to stop and enjoy the zest of life. And there’s no greater enemy to the ‘Shall we?’ spirit than wasted time. Particularly when that time is being wasted standing on a cold station platform, battery running low, with no departure time - or even platform - in sight. 

But it’s only wasted time if we waste it. Gordon’s spotted an opportunity to build brand meaningfulness - a challenge for the brand in a time when craft gins are booming - by helping consumers reclaim these wasted minutes and transform them into spontaneous ‘Shall We?’ moments. We set out to turn those ‘delays’ into moments of ‘yays’. 

The objectives of the campaign were simple; to become the most talked about Gin brand in the UK and to bring the ‘Shall we?’ brand purpose to life through earned media & influencers.


Introducing #YayDelay: a rush hour activation that uses local data & targeting strategies to deliver free G&T’s when they’re most welcome. The idea is simple: as disruption rises throughout the rush hour at your local station, Gordon’s unlocks discounts on a G&T in local bars, with the level of discount - 50% off or totally free - reflecting the level of delay. 

We combined information from opposite ends of the data spectrum; train delay data, using the open National Rail API, and social sentiment - a cocktail of location, station, route, and delay terms. This combination of data was analysed in real time, inputted into our algorithm and triggered a visual cue on to give consumers instant discounts on Gordon’s & Tonic.


A hugely talkable campaign with incredible messaging cut-through

Delivering £7.5 million in earned media

Reaching 1.5 billion readership

It clearly touched a nerve, resulting in over 70 pieces of coverage, including MetroEvening StandardThe SunDaily StarHuffpoShortlistCosmoLadBible


Gordon's Gin - #yaydelay

#Yaydelay is a data-driven rush hour activation that turns ‘delays’ into ‘yays’ with free G&Ts. Combining train delay data with locational data, we targeted commuters who were delayed & served dynamic discounting via a digital coupon to be redeemed in a nearby bar.

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