Taskrabbit, 'Don't Do It Yourself!'


Taskrabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find help with everyday tasks, including furniture assembly, moving, delivery, and handyperson work. They became a household name in the US, and were looking for an agency to lead their digital expansion across Europe as consumer demand continued to increase.


The challenge was clear, we needed to drive market share and brand growth across 7 new European territories. We needed to come up with a creative concept that could translate nationality, something that would resonate with audiences all across Europe.


Our research found that 62% of UK consumers had tried their hand at home improvements and furniture assembly and failed. That's where our creative concept 'Don't Do It Yourself' was born.

Strategy and approach

Our content team got to work on creating original, social-first content to excite and educate broad target audiences. 'Don't do it yourself' was at the heart of a content strategy to attract different customers across various Taskrabbit services.

Our approach was multi-pronged. We initiated a series of localized campaigns, each tailored to resonate with the unique sensibilities of different European countries. By leveraging influencer partnerships, we showcased real-life stories of people benefiting from TaskRabbit, thus building trust and relatability. We also employed dynamic digital assets, optimised for each platform, ensuring that TaskRabbit's message was not just seen, but felt.

Recognising the power of data, we harnessed insights from TaskRabbit's rich userbase and our own market research to refine our campaigns in real-time. This agile approach allowed us to maximise reach while minimising costs, ensuring that every click was not just a number, but a potential long-term user.

The Results

7 countries
successfully scaled
72 %
increase in MoM conversions
Acquisition target hit within first 6 months

“We’ve been really impressed by the level of energy, excitement and skill they have given to us. We’ve seen significant growth in our core KPI’s and are excited about scaling across Europe.”

Dan Miller, Marketing Manager EMEA


Taskrabbit, 'Don't do it yourself!'

How we harnessed consumer insight, strategy, and powerful creativity to drive brand growth across Europe

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