Taking Australia's Number 1 Global

Seafolly is Australia’s number one in swim, but when they approach us in late 2018, they needed a campaign that would help fuel international growth and build on its position as a leader in fashion swimwear.

So we bottled that feeling synonymous with Australian summers and relaunched Seafolly under a new lifestyle position: “Made to Summer”.

Grounded in the belief that “We don’t just live, we summer”, our feel-good campaign embodies the brand's optimistic lifestyle.

To help Seafolly become more relatable to the modern-day woman, we moved away from the big name models that had dominated in previous years, instead casting a more inclusive cast of group of global influencers to encourage women to be comfortable in their own skin. Fierce and fabulous, they form The Seafolly Set, and embrace living life on their own terms in swim made to last and love.




The influencers became the stars of our social content, demonstrating how Seafolly’s swimwear has the fashion and fit to have you looking and feeling your best, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

Under our content pillars of style, travel and wellness, we engaged fans with quick-fire Q&As, #FollyFitness posts and travel recommendations to continue the conversation and build a true lifestyle consumers wanted to be part of. 

Running globally across film, press, OOH, social, digital, and an always-on content strategy, the campaign is supported by events, brand partnerships and in-store activations to inspire and engage wearers around the world. 

Uplift in sales in the first 6 weeks

Shot by Akila Berjao


Taking Australia's Number #1 Global

Repositioning Australia's leading swimwear retailer for its next chapter as a global lifestyle brand.

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