VOXI – Stay Connected, Stay Endless

We were tasked with launching VOXI, a new network to an under-25 audience and setting it up for year-on-year growth. ​

So rather than dictating what we believed young people wanted, we listened to them instead. And enlisted their help. It was the first of its kind in the UK. The brand, products, customer experience, and marketing have all been developed with young people at its heart.​

​The platform needed to bring VOXI’s main product feature – unlimited connectivity – to life. So we focussed on its emotional benefit: Endless Possibilities, thanks to endless connections to things and people you love, and the endless opportunities to engage with the world.​​

We enrolled 100 young visual artists, cast from a wide pool of photographers, filmmakers, designers and illustrators from all over the UK to help us. Our brief to them was simple: what does Endless Possibilities mean to you? Their content became the visual heartland of our brand platform.  ​

We launched it in Instagram Stories – the first brand ever to do this. We also gave our young creators the opportunity to produce large-scale sponsorship content. In a fame-building channel partnership with MTV. ​

Building on the platform, we launched ‘Thumbs’. The attention-grabbing campaign positioned VOXI as the ultimate network for the things that crave social media more than anything else – our thumbs. It was launched across social media and on-demand, later airing on TV, giving the brand unprecedented scale.​

This led the way to a unique brand experience, ‘VOXI House’ bringing our visual world of social media to life for our audience.​

And then the pandemic hit. The way in which a young person uses social media and endless data changed overnight. And so did we. Reflecting our constantly evolving, multi-faceted audience, VOXI shifted focus to helping them get the most out the world around them, even in isolation.​

Created in 16 days from briefing to launch, the campaign demonstrated how, with VOXI, young people could stay connected and stay endless with endless data for their social apps. It featured multiple scenes that mirrored the current social media zeitgeist playing out in homes all across the country.  Uniquely, the film didn’t utilise any stock footage and was shot entirely using the 4K front and rear cameras on the Samsung S20-series phones – another first for the brand. ​

A​​s lockdown restrictions eased, this was followed with a campaign celebrating the endless nature of our audience and how, with endless social media from VOXI they are empowered to be whoever they want to be. Be Endless is a full brand experience platform, influencing every touchpoint from communications to brand acts, internal behaviours and the service experience.​


​Our authentic brand has continually resonated with our audience; engagement levels on social channels are above Vodafone and media benchmarks and VOXI tops O2, Three, EE and Vodafone for key brand attributes such as modernity, innovation and distinctiveness. ​

More importantly, during a period of lockdown, Stay Endless pushed consideration amongst non-users higher above our competitive incumbents, Three and GiffGaff. ​


Vodafone VOXI – Stay Connected, Stay Endless

We created VOXI's first official launch film which has everything from human hotdogs and sushi-sculpted mermaids, flying cats and dabbing grannys, to a Nutella-filled bathtub and a horse sporting a gold set of grills.


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