• To bridge the gap between Yakult’s high awareness and much lower consideration in the face of Actimel, the bigger spending, always promoting market leader which was half the price


  • Though health and wellbeing is an increasingly important consideration for us all, confusing, often unsubstantiated claims that can seem a bit fluffy, leave people unsure of the right thing to do.
  • By combining 90 years of health science expertise with Japanese origins that imbue the brand with softer wellbeing associations, Yakult resolves this tension for people.
  • Where the wellbeing claims promised by some can seem too good to be true, Yakult becomes the brand to trust amidst all the confusion: a little bottle of science not magic..


  • Establishing a clear, ownable positioning for Yakult translated to double digit sales growth in a declining market, whilst retaining it’s significant price premium



Science Not Magic: How rediscovering its Japanese roots helped Yakult deliver science credibility.

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