Going nuts in support of Movember

KP Nuts are in their second year of partnering with Movember to encourage men to think about their testicular health.

Previously we hosted events, but with lockdown restrictions, we focused on digital content to spread this important message.

Humour was identified as the best route to help men open up and have conversations about their testicles and do regular checks.

Our campaign involved a combination of video and imagery spanning jokes alongside more health-related messaging such as how to check your nuts for lumps and bumps.

Actor Will Mellor was chosen for his brand and campaign fit - his cheeky character was perfect for our tongue in cheek activation. He also had great media appeal and fantastic social reach.

Campaign touchpoints included editorial outreach around nut jokes, creative content with talent, retailer activation, a fully integrated social plan, wide-reaching influencer partnerships and an internal launch where Will judged the best nut jokes from KP’s team.

We surpassed our KPIs and the activity supported Movember’s successful uptake in registrations and donations.  

Key results:

pieces of coverage (incl 4 x nationals)
20.7 million
editorial OTS
impressions from owned social
6.6 million
impressions on influencer + talent social
increase in UK registrations to Movember
increase in Movember donations

A huge thank you for your support. The quality of work carried out for this partnership has been incredibly impressive. From the aligned creative to the engagement of talent and Will’s videos, it’s been absolutely brilliant.

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Going nuts in support of Movember

Our campaign for KP Nuts which used humour to encourage men to think about their testicular health was no joke!

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