The snack aisle: full of household names, brands steeped in heritage, every snack you could imagine under the sun – a huge part of a consumer’s zombie commute. The one they do without thought or hesitation, every day.  

Wanting to jump in on the action, healthy snacking, natural ingredient packing, Bounce came to S3 Advertising looking for a way to convince retailers that they were ready to take the first leap, able to place themselves in the hands of unrelenting urbanites.

After more than a decade spent sitting in the 'health food' aisle, protein energy brand Bounce eyed up a move to the mainstream, ‘the uzhe’.

With a mission to help consumers make healthier snacking decisions, every day, Bounce first needed to prove to convenience retailers that it belonged on the snack shelf of food-to-go stores across tube, rail, and bus stations… They needed a way-in that showed off what they’re all about.

Bounce's natural strength was its ability to fuel on-the-go – healthily​

After sampling a few (hundred) of Bounce’s protein-packed energy balls we identified their natural strength as their ability to keep you full while on the go, providing you with a healthier alternative to chocolate or crisps (which lack any real nutritional value or substance).

S3 worked with Bounce to match these healthier choice credentials to a millennial, ABC1 urbanite audience, and in doing so worked to create a focused strategy for growing the brand.

We set about targeting commuter audiences across London, the area which indexed highest for Bounce's target customer, with a high frequency campaign that would connect the brand to the concept of 'smart snacking' and bring the idea into the everyday mainstream of our audience.

Playing things simple yet effective: we produced a bold, colourful out of home campaign with catchy rhyme, rhythm, and wordplay across a media plan that allowed Londoners to see the brand and its messaging as many times as possible while on the go.

Bus supersides, taxis, tube and rail ads dotted across the length and breadth of London, covering key commuter routes, ensured the thought of 'Grab a ball, grab a Bounce' was unmissable. 

Meanwhile brand activations and online content helped further associate the brand with mainstream lifestyle. When Bounce sponsored London Fashion Week, S3 worked with contemporary costume designers to produce a traffic-stopping dress made entirely from Bounce's bright packaging. Jaw-dropping flamboyancy at its finest. 

With our approach turning heads while debuting at the event, we began racking up a tonne of online content for the brand. Running with momentum, S3’s PR team recruited the help of mainstream fashion and lifestyle social media influencers to promote different flavoured products, securing mentions from the likes of model Chloe Madeley and YouTube star Alfie Dayes. 

By the end of it all, we had positioned Bounce at the epicenter of mainstream – a fake it till you make it approach, with bite.

A colourful campaign that enjoyed huge media overshow and value, boosting sales in target stores.

S3's media specialists outdid themselves on additional value for this campaign – securing more than double the budgeted media spots at no extra cost – while the online campaign drove record-breaking social media and influencer coverage. 

Combined, these campaigns gave the Bounce brand a sharp rise among its newly identified mainstream commuter audience, and supported sales in the food-to-go stores it had set its sights on. Lush.


Bounce: Turning a 'health food' into an on-the-go snack.

Introducing smart snacking to Bounce's London heartland

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