These days a brand’s modern-day battlefield looks a lot like a shelf. A shelf, in a busy supermarket, surrounded by armies – all trying to knock you off and take your spot.

Winning the consumer war is becoming more and more difficult for FMCG brands. With so many different confectionary brands vying for attention, campaigns have to be ruthlessly strategic, accurate and efficient to even achieve a second glance.

Wanting to dictate the epic battle, Mr. Tom and his army of caramel covered, peanut crunch bars came to S3 with the launch of a bold, military precision advertising campaign fixed firmly in their sights.

Swiss import Mr Tom had been in the UK for some time, but it was experiencing a lull in distribution and sales. The brief? To spark growth.

Understanding the deeply interlinked nature of marketing and sales functions across FMCG businesses like Mr Tom, we knew the answer was an advertising strategy that could be woven into the fabric of the business’ operations.

The target was set: Mr Tom’s sales growth ambitions could be met if Mr Tom could first achieve national listings in the ‘big 4’ supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s.

Mr Tom’s defining feature was its unsubtle nutty taste. Our strategy caught retail buyers’ attention with an equally unsubtle campaign

Taste tests showed Mr Tom’s peanut-packed centre stood out among competitor bars. That was it. The way in. This crucial point of difference was Mr Tom’s true natural strength and its best line of attack against an increasingly homogenous market.

So, how could the campaign own this? We needed to simultaneously capture the attention of our niche audience, all the while cueing the brand’s distinctive nutty taste.

Our campaign required a look and feel that could act as an audacious antidote to consumer’s standard everyday.

S3’s creatives took inspiration from the famously flamboyant and nutty artist Salvador Dali; channeling him to portray Mr. Tom’s flair within the brand’s creative.

Casting our very own Dali (and the perfect Dali moustache), we concepted a series of creatives celebrating Mr Tom’s true nuttiness – bringing the personality of the brand to life from scamp, to shoot, to final designs.

Assets were produced for targeted outdoor proximity media, supermarket trolleys, social media, digital and print, each emblazoned with the campaign call: ‘Show Us You’re Nuts’.

S3’s creatives loved getting stuck into designing a 3D special build billboard which saw Mr Tom’s moustache bounce right off the edge of the board – in true nutty fashion.

Media was planned to a heavy-weighted, eight-month outdoor campaign, topped off with an experiential event that was broadcast on a 40-metre-long digital screen at Waterloo Station.

Mr Tom’s social media channels were turned into a shrine for all that is nutty in our world – sharing eccentric content from all corners of the internet, starting nutty exchanges with users online. 

While media bursts set about targeting the buyers of the big four supermarkets – directly.

Working in partnership with the Mr Tom sales team, we identified the key confectionary buyers and organised takeovers of the media space surrounding their HQs.

What does that mean exactly? Well, picture this: You’re a key decision maker at Tesco and while en route to your HQ; driving down your usual, everyday road, you begin to notice more and more bright yellow billboards, each with a peculiar mustachioed man asking you to, ahem, seemingly show him your nether regions.

What’s more - this coordinated activity gave Mr Tom’s salespeople the perfect icebreaker line to take into their next buyer conversation: Pretty nutty, eh?

All 4 buyers said yes to Mr Tom – helping shift an additional 1.1m bars


Mr Tom: Getting stocked in the 'big 4' supermarkets

Asking both customers and buyers to ‘Show Us They’re Nuts’...

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