Avani Hotels - a contemporary hotel chain, part of the Minor Hotel group, with city and resort destinations across Asia and Africa in the main. 


This was a top to toe brief which took in the complete brand experience. We needed to look at the entire operation, from the way the brand presented itself in person, in advertising, in design. 

Changes to the brand positioning and overall philosophy would mean a big impact on service culture and HR as well as visual identity and tone of voice. The brand was to be stripped back and rebuilt as one which could practice greater control and make more honest connections with its guests. 

Two conditions for the brand were in place; the logo had to remain the same for costing reasons (with the allowance of changing the naming conventions), and the plum colour we’d inherited needed to be kept in consideration. 


From initial review of the brand it was clear there were countless creative ideas but little framework to host them. The brand lacked clarity; there wasn’t a clear direction on what the brand stood for, who it wanted to appeal to and what made it interesting, different and relevant. The brand seemed to be at a crossroads with lots of interesting elements in place, but with a convoluted narrative surrounding it.


Slider needed to remove any grey area surrounding the brand to help the brand move forward confidently. The idea was to simplify greatly to encourage ‘what we say is what we do’. 

The brand positioning document was recreated, built from the information the marketing and brand teams were able to share in market research, customer feedback and best/worst practice over the previous 3-4 years. 

The brand was positioned to promote a group of hotels that values ‘Balance' above all else. Balance for the guests through the highs and lows of a day, food and drink choices, health, fitness, work, play, busy areas, sanctuaries and so on. This was designed to suit the demands of the modern traveler allowing the hotel to flex to them as opposed to the guest making compromises. The Hotels would ultimately modify everything from procurement to day to day operations to help build this narrative.

In Visual Identity:

The existing Avani Plum colour is widely used across their existing properties, in interior design/soft furnishings and signage. In order to get around the procurement problem of having to change everything, we added 20% black to the existing colour to tone it down and bring it into a smarter more visually appealing space. This allowed us to work with a stronger palette graphically while not moving too far away from the existing colour.

- We commissioned bespoke illustrations inspired by Victorian illustrations and etching techniques. Slider worked alongside Matthew Green ( to put a modern twist on the traditional style. We wanted to create a selection of playful elements that could be used on internal collateral to add another creative layer to the designs.

- We brought in award winning writers to help us with the new tone of voice.. The challenge was creating a young, fun and playful language that would be understood across multiple languages/cultural groups. We didn’t want to alienate their clientele (predominantly Asian) by using English colloquialisms. The outcome was simple to understand language with a playfulness.

- It was a collaborative process resulting in the delivery of extensive brand, tone of voice and visual guidelines. 

Ultimately Avani was rebranded in positioning, visual identity and tone of voice. Brand pillars were formalised to help move forward in silos to control/influence decision making. Within this all output was considered across training and HR, photography, advertising, procurement and so on. We are currently applying this new narrative to sub brands AvaniKids, AvaniFit and AvaniSpa. 

"We have been so lucky to come across Slider that have been supporting us for the past year. We have found them to be incredibly professional, creative, pragmatic and fun to work with! The team is always accessible, ready to help and delivers promptly. Their work is of an incredibly high standard and speaks for itself. It is a great pleasure to work with them."


Avani - Brand and Visual Identity

Slider worked with Avani to refresh their brand and visual identity

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