Boost is a new energy brand exclusively for PAYG (pay-as-you-go) customers.

For those who rely on prepay meters, energy is an ever-present source of jeopardy.

Uncertainty surrounding energy use means there’s an unpredictability as to when the money will run out and household harmony is disrupted. When the power goes out, inconvenience, the burden of responsibility and stress ensues.

These customers endure their energy meters. Anxious and embarrassed of being left in the dark when the power runs out; yet utterly apathetic about switching.

From instant top-ups to alerts when you’re running low, Boost gives you complete control of your power. Who better to introduce this to people than a master of power and control - who’s also famous for wearing black and yellow. .

Introducing BOOST LEE. A master of control and spiritual harmony, who can bring our black and yellow brand to life in a black and yellow jumpsuit. He’s on a mission to help you control your power and help restore household harmony.



Cutting through the energy inertia.

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