Making waves with OceanSaver

The Challenge

What was our brief?

OceanSaver had secured in-store listings across the UK, however on a limited distribution and 30-day trial basis. As a result achieving significant and immediate brand engagement and retail sales was critical for securing permanent listings.

To do so the campaign would need to both educate and provoke a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour towards rebuying other ‘eco-friendly’ cleaning products to reusing old plastic bottles with OceanSaver’s eco-drops.

The Solution

How did we respond?

Space & Time's award-winning digital strategy would prove key to achieving these objectives. With multiple variables to both consider and respond to such as store location, channel, and audience segment, a holistic, omni-channel approach would be essential.

Extensive research was conducted via our research and insights team, identifying Facebook, Instagram and PPC (Shopping and Search) as channels which indexed highly against the target audience. Subsequently these core channels formed the pillars for generating prospecting traffic to build retargeting segments.

For Facebook and Instagram, we built our campaigns to take advantage of Facebook's powerful machine learning capabilities equating to a simplified campaign structure utilising auto-placements and dynamic creative.

For PPC, we identified an opportunity to leverage OceanSaver's Shopify feed, and built out our Shopping campaigns with direct purchase opportunities coupled with Google’s machine learning to apply SMART bidding strategies for our search campaigns to deliver optimum performance.

This was then augmented with PrecisionM - Space & Time's proprietary mobile display technology, audiences were geo-targeted with tailored messaging to deliver footfall to participating stores. From an ROI perspective this allowed direct attribution on influencing shopper footfall in line with store sales uplift.

Critically, the omni-channel approach to our digital performance media provided the agility with channel budget throughout the campaign. As a result, spend remained fluid, continually driven towards the channel mix able to deliver the highest possible ROAS.

The Results

In-store footfall doubled amongst the campaign audience
ROAS for online sales
uplift in month on month web visits

How did we go beyond?

Two additional mobile first creatives were provided free of charge, critical to leveraging the PrecisionM mobile display.

In addition bespoke research and insights reports were commissioned exploring The Green Household Care category using both TGI and Mintel at no additional cost.


Reducing plastic by driving sales for OceanSaver

Borne from a concern over single use plastic and its effect on our oceans, OceanSaver's mission is to save one million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean this year. To do so the campaign would need to both educate and provoke a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour...

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