BRITA Professional: Life is Better Filtered

How do you get an issue like water filtration onto the agenda of businesses with a million other things to worry about?

The challenge

BRITA needed to land the idea of water filtration as a business priority, emphasising its expertise and heritage as pioneers of the technology. 

But for the new B2B audiences they wanted to reach, BRITA’s solution was just a drop in the ocean of pressing business demands. If only we could apply a filter to all that noise…

The solution

This gave us the creative spark for the ‘Life is Better Filtered’ campaign, a multi-channel approach that would deliver practical insight, addressing the concerns of our audience while reflecting our core message.

The campaign examined what professionals would like to filter out of their working lives, through proprietary research, quarterly ezines, podcasts, video and infographics, underpinned by media partnerships, social amplification and a hard-working press office. 

We partnered with influencers in our target sectors, created strategic content journeys to directly support sales, and even introduced an internal communications campaign to bring BRITA employees on board with the campaign.

'Beyond the Brew' eZine targeted the hot beverage sector.

'The Collaborative Kitchen', thought leadership for buyers in the hospitality industry.

The results

The campaign generated over 100 individual pieces of news coverage positioning the company as a thought leader, plus 16 in-depth opinion articles in key media.

The ezine and podcast content was downloaded almost 3,000 times, amplified by the involvement of industry influencers.

Most importantly, this campaign contributed to a record year for BRITA, who reported a 5.4% uplift in year on year sales.



BRITA: Life is Better Filtered

How do you get an issue like water filtration onto the radar of busy business buyers with a million other things to worry about?

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