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Speed is redefining PR in an age of earned reputation and earned trust; responding to constant changes in the ways consumers and business customers consume content and connect with brands.

The core values and purpose of PR remain at the heart of Speed’s work – to shape brand messages and tell compelling stories – but the landscape has changed. Digital has brought a myriad of channel choices, content formats and experience touch points. We help our clients own those micro moments of customer engagement with content that drives awareness, educates, entertains or inspires.






Annual Food & Drink report

Speed and Bray Leino explore some of the key trends over the past year in the consumer Food and Drink sectors, looking at changing consumer behaviours and attitudes, purchasing trends and how FMCG brands can reflect these in their marketing in order to drive engagement and sales.


Homing In report: Location, Vocation, Vacation

Rebecca Broomfield, Director of Consumer & Hospitality at Speed Communications and Dr Simon Moore, a trained psychologist and CEO of behavioural psychology consultancy Innovationbubble explore how COVID-19 has changed our relationships with our homes and how brands can use this insight to win with consumers.


Barking up the Right Tree

Business is booming for many pet brands. What lessons can we learn from lockdown and how might this change consumer behaviour as we return to ‘normal’?


The Good Webinar Guide

Whether you need to present to people across the world, or you just can’t get everyone in the same room, you need a webinar. But, it takes a little planning to make your webinar genuinely good; a webinar people talk about, a webinar that will create contacts and – hopefully – drive new business. The guide takes you through great webinar creation and activation, step-by-step.


Speed Support Centre

The world has shifted almost overnight, changing business models, strategies, services and geographies for many. It’s also changed how businesses and brands are communicating and more importantly what they are saying. Our comms experts across PR, internal comms, digital and production have come together to create a hub of FREE resources and advice. The Speed Support Centre will help you to say the right thing, at the right time and in the right way, engaging those most important to you.


Comms Survival Plan for Membership Associations

With over 450 professional membership organisations in the UK, this guide delivers a new communications framework 'MOVE' to help associations to work harder and smarter to communicate the crucial role they play. It provides a step-by-step guide to navigate an increasingly complex mix of channels and decide where to invest finite resources, while ensuring the value of your organisation, on a political, economic and personal level, is clearly communicated.


Measuring PR's bottom-line impact

In PR, measuring how your efforts impact bottom-line business performance isn’t straightforward. That’s why it’s generally accepted that PR measurement focusses on outputs instead of outcomes, ‘tweets sent’ instead of ‘revenue generated’, for instance. But PR is changing. Clients shouldn’t have to make do with woolly measurements that tell them nothing about the return on their PR investment. Effective measurement (that doesn’t blow your budget) is possible. This whitepaper explains how and why.


The 2019 Food & Drink Report

Predicting which trends will ripen and which will waste away is how we keep our clients ahead of the competition and prepared for disruption. So this year we’ve joined forces with our fellow MISSION group agency Bray Leino to help deliver the 2019 Food and Drink Report, which surveyed 1,000 consumers to uncover the key factors influencing consumer food and drink buying decisions today.


PODCAST: Why cleaning seems to be the new black

In this episode of our Sound Thinking podcast, we speak to decluttering guru Vicky Silverthorn about why the trend for cleaning and tidying is so prevalent, and what it means for consumer marketing. “I see how frustrated people get with certain things that don’t work or don’t work in the right way, or how they’ve bought something thinking it’s this and actually it’s that, and how with anxiety and stress levels through the roof, people don’t necessarily want complicated things.”


PODCAST: What do we really know about GenZ?

What are the secrets to designing a marketing strategy that will resonate with generation Z? “The most aspirational job for a 14-year-old is to be a YouTuber, Instagram or Snapchat star”, says Chloe Combi, writer, speaker and guest on this episode of Speed's Sound Thinking podcast. “Everything is thought through the lens of ‘How will this look online?’. Every single kid sees themselves as a potential brand.”


Bridging the leadership gap for successful CEO and CMO partnership

CEO participation is key to successful communications, yet there are still challenges in many organisations when it comes to engaging CEOs in the process. A CEO is vital in helping to amplify and deepen the company narrative. But how can we get them to see this and engage? In this paper, we take a deep dive into this issue, based on our own knowledge, experience and research, and examine the barriers to CEO engagement as well as possible solutions.


How to avoid ‘multiple corporate personality disorder’

On the face of it, finding the perfect words to articulate a distinctive, memorable brand proposition sounds easy. But making it distinctive, authentic and compelling is hard. A clear proposition is a lighthouse that your brand can be measured against, a rule of thumb to guide you and tell your audience who you are. This document examines how to create a brand proposition that emphasises the qualities that make you unique and, crucially, differentiate you from everyone else.


Make me care: How to create content that moves people

Every second we are under a barrage of messages, notifications, content, adverts and news. You’ll recognise the techniques content creators use to game attention; who can shout loudest, most often and with the most manipulative click-bait. Don’t get drawn in. It’s bad for everyone. Audiences are becoming adept at tuning it out, or at best, scanning for relevance and discarding instantly. This whitepaper lists 5 golden rules that will help you concentrate on quality, context and relevance.


Life isn't too short after all

Marketers have an important role to play supporting businesses and brands to ensure they are contextually aligned to an ageing society. Professor Andrew Scott, co-author of The 100-Year Life, joined Speed Communications and panellists for a thought-provoking and insightful talk at the Wellcome Collection. Discussion circled a key question: if we are living longer, what does this mean for our finances, career, education and relationships and how will this impact on brands and businesses?